144 Xiaoyu is Missing

    Fang Heyang appeared somewhat embarrassed with himself.

    It was as if he was trying to say 'how did you know?'

    As there were other employees in the store, Lin Yiqian did not want to talk about it there. "You've done rather well today. Keep it up."

    Lin Yiqian stood up before looking around at the other employees. As everyone seemed busy, she smiled before getting ready to leave.

    Fang Heyang stood up and followed after her. "Chief Lin, are you leaving already?"

    "Is there something else?" Lin Yiqian asked, confusedly.

    "But I've been working the entire morning. I haven't even had lunch yet..." Fang Heyang chuckled as he rubbed his stomach.

    Lin Yiqian felt that he was being mischievous from the way he smiled.

    This fellow was probably a flirt on the inside.

    Originally, she did not intend to respond to Fang Heyang. However, when she saw that his forehead was covered in sweat and that the QR code to his Wechat account was still hanging in front of his chest, she felt a little guilty. "Let's go. I'll buy you some dumplings."

    Lin Yiqian was about to head out for lunch anyway.

    As she spoke, she began to walk toward the exit.


    Fang Heyang seemed excited as he immediately took off the apron he was wearing and ran after Lin Yiqian after picking his phone up.

    As soon as she walked out of the door, she could see Fang Heyang's bike by the store.

    She frowned.

    How could Fang Heyang be this immoral? Did he not know that this was the pedestrian walkway? She could not believe that he would go against the rule of law.

    When Fang Heyang saw Lin Yiqian staring at his bike, he thought she wanted to ride on it. "Would you like me to take you there on the bike?"

    "It's too hot!" Lin Yiqian snapped.

    As she lazily put on her sunglasses and hat, she began to walk to her car.

    Suddenly, her phone started ringing. It was Bai Se calling.

    'Have they landed?'

    "Bai Se, have you arrived...?" Lin Yiqian asked, excitedly.

    "Xiaoyu is missing." Before she could finish her sentence, Bai Se's urgent voice had cut her off.


    Lin Yiqian's panic-stricken voice gave Fang Heyang a shock.

    He immediately stopped smiling and ran over to Lin Yiqian.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian was entirely focused on her concern for Xiaoyu's safety. Therefore, she did not pay any attention to Fang Heyang. "Where are you now?"

    "At the airport. He disappeared when I turned around."

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian made no further considerations before telling him what to do. "Go to the airport security and get help from them. I'll be there right away."

    After giving the order, she hung up.

    "What happened?" Fang Heyang asked, concerned.

    "I can't have lunch with you now. I need to leave," Lin Yiqian replied as she started running to her car.

    After a few steps, she turned around and extended her hand to Fang Heyang. "Lend me your bike."

    As it was lunchtime, there would certainly be a lot of traffic on the road. Lin Yiqian was convinced that riding the bike would be faster than driving her car.

    Fang Heyang knew that she must have been in a rush to get somewhere. Instead of handing her the keys, he caught her hand and dragged her to his car. "Where do you need to go? I'll take you there. I'll definitely be twice as fast as you."

    Lin Yiqian agreed with what he said. After all, she had not ridden a bike for years.

    Therefore, she did not reject his offer.


    As Fang Heyang had cut through rows of cars, they were able to arrive at the airport within twenty minutes.

    On their way, Lin Yiqian could only hear the roaring sound of the engine. Hence, she completely missed the sound of her phone, which had rung for at least a dozen times.
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