147 Xiaoyu is Upse

    As Gu Nianshen cursed in his heart, he slammed the phone on the table before resting his cheek on his hand on the table. He was now looking at the child who was occupied with eating ice-cream.

    There were stains of different colors all over Xiaoyu's mouth. Gu Nianshen frowned at the sight.

    Even his hands were covered in ice-cream.

    Xiaoyu held onto his spoon tightly as he scooped up a spoonful of strawberry-flavored ice-cream.

    "The strawberry flavor is the best."

    As Xiaoyu stuffed the ice-cream into his mouth and smiled, his double-chin appeared.

    Gu Nianshen felt speechless.

    'Does it taste that good?'

    While Gu Nianshen remained speechless, the kid suddenly climbed onto the chair before making his way onto the table. "Here, this is for you." He extended a spoonful of ice-cream to Gu Nianshen.

    Gu Nianshen was surprised by the young fellow's sudden action.

    He had not expected the child to give him the food that he was enjoying so much. After all, Xiaoyu seemed to really like strawberry-flavored ice-cream.

    Most of the children he had met were selfish and would not want to share their food with other people. Even Gu Nianshen behaved that way as a child.

    In that instant, Gu Nianshen was tempted to open his mouth.

    However, when he saw how dirty the kid's hands were, he immediately moved his head away. "I'm not eating any. Have it all to yourself."


    Having been rejected, the child seemed somewhat disappointed as he climbed off the table and started pouting. After sitting back down, he stuffed the spoonful of ice-cream into his mouth.

    When Gu Nianshen saw the way Xiaoyu was eating the ice-cream, he was worried that Xiaoyu might forget about their earlier agreement. "Hey, kid, we've agreed that you will never bring up the urinating incident again after you eat the ice-cream," Gu Nianshen said, softly.

    "Mother says that a man should always honor his promise. I know what to do." Xiaoyu nodded his head vigorously.

    Although he sounded naive and seemed innocent, Gu Nianshen felt deeply reassured by the seriousness in the way he spoke.

    "Your mother has finally taught you something normal," Gu Nianshen mumbled as he looked at Xiaoyu.

    As Gu Nianshen was too lazy to pick the flavors, he had requested for all flavors on the menu. Due to his request, each of the ice-cream balls was of a smaller size.

    However, it was impossible for a small kid to finish all of the ice-cream on his own. As the ice-cream gradually melted, Lin Xiaoyu eventually got some of it smeared all over his face and shirt.

    People who passed by could not help but comment as they saw what was going on. "What kind of father is he? He won't even wipe the ice-cream off the kid's face."

    "He must be somewhat of an absent father. Look at the child. The ice-cream is smeared all over his shirt. It's probably impossible to wash off."

    There were two elderly women around sixty-years-old who stopped directly in front of Gu Nianshen and reprimanded him when they saw Lin Xiaoyu's state.

    Gu Nianshen looked at them in disgust as they reminded him of the time he had been scolded by an old lady at the airport.

    He had no idea why elderly women were so annoying.

    "Help me wipe it off." Lin Xiaoyu suddenly handed a napkin to Gu Nianshen.

    "Do it yourself." Gu Nianshen refused with a frown.

    The kid actually thought Gu Nianshen was his father.

    Even he and Lin Yiqian's future son had not been treated in such a way.

    "Hmph. Xiaoyu is upset."

    After being rejected yet again, Lin Xiaoyu dropped the napkin on the table along with the spoon in his hand. His eyes were filled with tears as he began to pout.

    It was almost as if there was a layer of mist in his dark eyes.
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