151 I’ll Sell You Off If You Don’t Let Go

    Qi Shaodong should probably forget about the chocolate incident...

    After all, there were not many bosses like Gu Nianshen who were rich and understanding toward their employees.

    With Gu Nianshen's constant urging, Qi Shaodong managed to get into Mega's underground parking lot in thirty-eight minutes. As Gu Nianshen's reserved parking space is right next to the elevator, he only needed to take a few steps from the car before arriving at the CEO's private elevator.

    Gu Nianshen immediately pressed on the elevator button after reaching the lift.

    When Lin Xiaoyu saw that Gu Nianshen had left, he began to panic as he pushed open the door. However, with one misstep, he fell to the ground.

    Qi Shaodong ran over to pick him up. "Hey, little jerk, why are you in such a hurry?"

    As Qi Shaodong reprimanded Xiaoyu, he began brushing the dust off Xiaoyu's clothes.

    "I don't want you to hold me. I want Mr. Gu to hold me." Xiaoyu pushed him away.

    Qi Shaodong had no choice but to let Xiaoyu go after struggling momentarily to hold Xiaoyu still.

    As soon as his feet hit the ground, Xiaoyu ran over to Gu Nianshen and grabbed hold of his leg just as Gu Nianshen was taking a step into the elevator.

    "Let go."

    Gu Nianshen lowered his head and looked at Lin Xiaoyu, annoyed. "I'll sell you off if you don't let go." He pointed at Xiaoyu as he spoke.

    "Hmph!" The pleasant smile on the kid's face disappeared as the corners of his mouth sank.

    Xiaoyu was still a child who took threats like that very seriously. Therefore, Xiaoyu reluctantly let go of Gu Nianshen's leg.

    After making a gentle huffing sound, Xiaoyu walked into the elevator and stood in the corner as he leaned against the wall with his back facing Gu Nianshen.

    'Is he throwing a tantrum?'

    Gu Nianshen frowned as he lowered his head to try to see Xiaoyu's face. However, he could not see it clearly.

    "Take him to the playground on the third floor." Gu Nianshen turned around to face Qi Shaodong.

    "Should I look after him?" Qi Shaodong asked.

    "Do you want me to look after him?" Gu Nianshen raised his brows.

    Qi Shaodong felt speechless.

    Qi Shaodong had the urge to ask if he would get any part of the one million dollars in ransom.

    Although Qi Shaodong felt reluctant, he proceeded to press the button for the CEO's floor before pressing on the third floor's button.

    When the elevator stopped on the third floor, Qi Shaodong picked Xiaoyu up from behind him before turning to face Gu Nianshen. "I'll take him to the playground and get in touch with his family as soon as possible."

    This time around, Lin Xiaoyu did not refuse to let Qi Shaodong carry him. As he rested his chin on Qi Shaodong's shoulder, he looked at Gu Nianshen with his reddened eyes and a pout on his face. Although he seemed sad, he was refusing to beg or cry.

    As the elevator doors closed, Gu Nianshen was able to see Xiaoyu one last time through the narrowing gap. He could see that Xiaoyu's eyes were filled with tears.

    Gu Nianshen felt his heart drop.

    Subconsciously, Gu Nianshen raised his hand to open the elevator doors. However, just as he was about to do so, the doors closed completely and Xiaoyu had disappeared out of sight. His thought was suddenly interrupted.

    As his gaze lowered to his hands, he could see his fingers trembling.

    'It's time for you two to have a child...'

    Gu Nianshen was suddenly reminded of something Song Changwen had said to him before.

    After a moment of stunned silence, he dropped his hands and tugged them into his pockets as he lowered his head and sighed.


    "Greetings, Mrs. Gu."

    "Mrs. Gu."

    This was not Lin Yiqian's first time at Mega's headquarters. However, this was the first time she entered. In fact, it was the first time she came as Gu Nianshen's wife.

    As soon as she walked in, there were continuous lines of greetings from employees who worked there. Lin Yiqian tried to remain calm and smiled in return.

    She was trying to conceal the feeling of accomplishment in her heart.

    Lin Yiqian was not feeling proud because of her title as the CEO's wife. Instead, she felt proud because the CEO was Gu Nianshen.
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