152 Thats the Nail in My Coffin, Mrs. Gu!!

    Mega's head office was far larger than she had imagined. Employees roamed the premises as each of them wore the same uniform with their respective department's name-tags.

    Lin Yiqian glanced around as she observed her surroundings. Soon, she arrived at Gu Nianshen's office.

    Gu Nianshen's secretary was already waiting for her by the door. "Mrs. Gu."

    The young female secretary appeared to be around her age. Lin Yiqian scanned her from head to toe. "Is Mr. Gu in the office?"


    The secretary nodded before opening the door for her.

    As soon as the door was pushed open, Lin Yiqian held her breath before taking a peek inside. She could see the man buried in piles of work at the desk.

    He was wearing a white shirt and seemed to be writing something with a pen in his fair hand.

    It was a familiar sight. As if it were only a day ago, he had been fully absorbed in writing something with headphones on while Lin Yiqian peeked at him from the sides of a book she had used to conceal herself.

    The same scene was replayed over and over throughout her teenage years.

    During that period, he was her everything. Lin Yiqian had even memorized entire paragraphs of texts in English just so that she could recite them with perfection if their teacher selected her. She did so because she secretly hoped that he would admire her for her fluency.

    There were times she wore new hairpins when she would purposefully linger near the school entrance to wait for him to appear. Even if he would not intentionally look at her, she would flip her hair in the crowd to draw his attention to her. She would do so while pretending not to notice him as she chattered with her friends.

    Lin Yiqian felt that she was a truly dumb person back then.

    As she lowered her head and chuckled, the man's cool voice could be heard from inside the office. "What are you doing, just standing over there?"

    "Are you hungry?" Lin Yiqian immediately jerked her head upward.

    She started walking into his office.

    Meanwhile, the secretary closed the door and walked away.

    "What do you think?" Gu Nianshen asked as he rolled his eyes. Then, he stood up and poured himself a glass of water.

    "I ordered some food that should arrive soon," Lin Yiqian said.

    Her gaze wandered around the room before landing on the couch. As she walked closer to it, she could see boxes of Qian Si chocolates on the coffee table.

    "There are so many chocolates." Her eyes lit up.

    Lin Yiqian almost seemed like a different person.

    'Unbelievable!' Gu Nianshen thought.

    Gu Nianshen pretended to be annoyed. "Qi Shaodong left them there. You can have them if you'd like. I'd throw them away anyway."

    When Lin Yiqian heard that the chocolates would be thrown away, she immediately picked up one of them and popped it into her mouth. "Qian Si doesn't sell these online. There aren't any franchises here either. It's nearly impossible to get them over here. Sometimes, I would even get fake ones if I shipped them over."

    "Qi Shaodong is amazing for being able to purchase this much."

    Right then, Qi Shaodong happened to have arrived as he knocked on the door and overheard Lin Yiqian.

    'That's the nail in my coffin, Mrs. Gu!'

    It was not the case that he could purchase as much as he wanted to. His girlfriend had waited in line for hours to buy these chocolates. However, his boss would take all of them away each time.

    While Qi Shaodong cursed in his heart, he smiled and greeted Lin Yiqian. "Mrs. Gu, what a pleasant surprise to see you here."

    As Lin Yiqian was still munching on a piece of chocolate, she immediately thought of chocolates when she saw Qi Shaodong. "Qi Shaodong, please get some for me the next time you buy these."


    Before Qi Shaodong could finish speaking, Gu Nianshen looked at him. "What's the matter?"
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