155 I Want Mister Gu

    The CEO had mentioned that they would raise the ransom to ten million dollars. Although Qi Shaodong knew that Gu Nianshen did not mean it, he did not dare to make a decision on his own without clear instructions from his boss.

    Seeing how troubled Qi Shaodong was, Lin Yiqian knew this was her opportunity. "Where is the child? Why don't I go and look after him?"

    Lin Yiqian was speaking calmly so that Qi Shaodong would not have suspected that anything was amiss.

    "He's at the playground on the third floor."

    Qi Shaodong did not think that anything was out of place. However, he did feel somewhat embarrassed that Lin Yiqian was being affected. "Would it be too troublesome for you, Mrs. Gu?"

    "Not at all. I'm not busy today anyway." Lin Yiqian shook her head gently.

    As she spoke, she smiled at Qi Shaodong.

    "Alright then. I'll return to my work. There are a few urgent things on my plate," Qi Shaodong replied.

    "Go ahead." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    She then followed Qi Shaodong out of the office before bidding farewell at the elevator.

    Seeing that Qi Shaodong had walked away, Lin Yiqian hurriedly stepped into the CEO's personal elevator.

    The third floor in Mega's office building was the leisure area. It was where a freeflow of afternoon tea and snacks were provided. Occasionally, some of the employees would drop by during their lunch breaks.

    The most humane design about the area was a children's playground. It was placed there for the convenience of some of the employees with children who attended kindergarten. If school ended early for these children, the kindergarten buses could drop the kids off at the office. As such, the kids would be able to stay in the playground until their parents were done with work.

    In fact, there were daycare workers hired to look after these children so that the employees would not have anything to worry about.

    However, it was a busy period right then and therefore not a single person was around.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian walked in, she could see a small bar area with various types of beverages. There were even multi-colored triangular chairs and tables, each with unique designs.

    There was a large window that extended from the ground to the ceiling, giving one a full view of the garden behind the tall buildings around it. It was a very suitable place for one to relax.

    This was perhaps why the university graduates tried very hard to get into Mega. The company cared about efficiency but also made sure employees were rewarded for their efforts.

    As there were guided markings to get to the playground, Lin Yiqian followed them as she walked.

    "I want Mr. Gu."

    Lin Yiqian stopped walking as her heart pounded.

    The young lady in front of Xiaoyu saw her before she hurriedly stood up and greeted her, "Mrs. Gu."

    As the lady was wearing Mega's female uniform, and also one of the company's name-tags, Lin Yiqian assumed that Qi Shaodong had requested for her to look after Xiaoyu.

    Lin Yiqian was worried that Xiaoyu would call her if he saw her, and therefore tried to remain out of sight. However, from a single glance, she could tell that he was not paying attention to her at all.

    Xiaoyu seemed entirely focused on trying to get Mr. Gu to come to him.

    Lin Yiqian sighed with relief before waving her hand at the female employee.

    "Qi Shaodong asked me to look after him for a while. You may get back to work now," Lin Yiqian said.


    After seeing that the female employee had left the leisure area, Lin Yiqian quietly approached Xiaoyu and sat down next to him.

    She then rested her chin on her arms as she looked at him.

    However, the child seemed to have lost the gleam in his eyes. His voice was getting softer as sleepiness took over him and his eyes gradually closed.
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