156 Gu Nianshen, You Jerk!

    As Xiaoyu rested his face against the soft and cushioned pillar, his mouth began to widen. A trickle of drool was nearly dripping off of the corner of his mouth.

    Lin Yiqian nearly burst into laughter. "Xiaoyu."

    She extended her hand to wipe the drool off of his face.

    When Xiaoyu heard her familiar voice, he immediately jerked his head around to look at Lin Yiqian. He immediately seemed wide awake. "Mother..."

    "Shhh!" Lin Yiqian covered his mouth immediately.

    The child blinked in confusion.

    Such a pure and naive child.

    Lin Yiqian felt a sting on her nose as she tried to maintain the smile on her face. "Xiaoyu, can we whisper to each other now?"

    She let go of her hand.

    "Why are we whispering?" Xiaoyu asked, confused.

    "Mommy doesn't want other people to eavesdrop on us. Do you know how to whisper?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    "Mommy, are you here to pick me up?" Lin Xiaoyu nodded as he lowered his voice.

    He even looked around sneakily after asking the question.

    He was making sure nobody could hear him.


    Lin Yiqian patted Xiaoyu's head gently. "Why are you following Mr. Gu around?"

    Could their blood tie be the cause of this mysterious bond between the two?

    Xiaoyu had managed to bump into Gu Nianshen at the airport on the two only occasions he had been to this country.

    "Xiaoyu would like Mr. Gu to be Daddy. I like Mr. Gu," Lin Xiaoyu said, honestly.

    Then, he dug his way into Lin Yiqian's arms and hugged her around the waist.

    Lin Yiqian was stunned.

    "Xiaoyu... Were you referring to Mr. Gu when you mentioned wanting to find a daddy?" She lowered her head.

    'What a coincidence!'

    "Yeah. Can he please be my daddy?" Xiaoyu pouted.

    He was looking at Lin Yiqian with confusion as he did not understand why Lin Yiqian seemed so stunned.

    He was worried that Lin Yiqian might not like Mister Gu. As he pulled away from her embrace, Xiaoyu stood up and stood above a wooden frame. He was giving her a neck massage. "Mommy, please don't fall in love with Old Wang, okay?"

    The words 'Old Wang' immediately pulled Lin Yiqian out of the state of shock.

    "Who is Old Wang?" She frowned.

    "Mr. Gu said that you might like Old Wang. But I don't like Old Wang," Xiaoyu moaned.

    As he pouted, he pressed his face against Lin Yiqian's neck.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian's teeth sank into her lip.

    'Gu Nianshen, you jerk!'


    Due to the time difference, Lin Xiaoyu was exhausted by now. Lin Yiqian initially allowed him to sleep on the chair. However, she was beginning to feel bad for him as she saw how he was all curled up in the tiny space.

    Lin Yiqian decided to call Qi Shaodong on the phone.

    "Qi Shaodong, tell me how to get in touch with the kid's family. I'll try to reach out to them."


    "If I can get in touch with them, I'll ask them to pick him up."

    Although Qi Shaodong wanted to do the same thing, he did not dare to make the final call. "Let's wait for the CEO to decide once he returns. Moreover, the kid's family doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get him home. They haven't even replied to my message. The kid might even be adopted."

    Qi Shaodong was speaking out of turn!

    'You are adopted!' Lin Yiqian thought angrily.

    She had the urge to tell Qi Shaodong that he could put the blame on her once Gu Nianshen returned. However, she was concerned that suspicion might arise. Therefore, she decided to find somewhere for Xiaoyu to sleep. "In that case, I'll bring him to Gu Nianshen's office. He is very tired. So am I. We would like to take a nap."
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