158 She Worked Hard To Be By His Side

    Lin Yiqian then quietly snuck out of the bedroom.

    Several pots of green plants added shades of warmth to the cold-toned office. Lin Yiqian wanted to carefully examine every corner of the office.

    That was because everything here reflected Gu Nianshen's style.

    Next to a large window that extended from the floor to the ceiling was a crescent-shaped frame with five layers of different succulents. She had rarely seen such colorful succulents.

    Lin Yiqian began walking toward the succulents which attracted her attention.

    As she got closer, she noticed that each of the pots had different smiling faces etched on them. One could not help but smile in return.

    "Mrs. Gu." Qi Shaodong suddenly appeared just as Lin Yiqian was about to squeeze one of the succulents.

    "I'm sorry. I thought you were asleep," he said apologetically.

    "It's alright." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    "Did you plant these succulents?" She pointed at the succulents.

    Gu Nianshen could not have been bothered with gardening.

    Most importantly, this was not his style of design.

    "I wouldn't have the patience." Qi Shaodong shook his head. "Miss Xi planted them. She even made the pots on her own. She gave each one of us a single pot."

    Hearing this, the smile on Lin Yiqian's face froze.

    "Very adorable," she replied after a moment of stunned silence.

    As her gaze returned to the succulents, the corners of her lips lifted.

    She had nearly forgotten that Xi Xia was still in the picture.

    Xi Xia was known for her gentle and tender demeanor. She was popular among both boys and girls back in school. As she was related to both the Gu and Song family, the teachers gave her extra attention. In fact, she would be involved in nearly all activities related to Gu Nianshen.

    Moreover, she worked hard to be by his side.

    As Qi Shaodong was capable of entering Mega's C-level team and working for Gu Nianshen, he was not slow at picking up tiny hints. He could immediately tell the change in Lin Yiqian's facial expression.

    He had also heard about certain things between Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia. Now, he worried if he had spoken more than he should.

    "Mrs. Gu." He called out.

    "What's up?" Lin Yiqian asked, confused.

    She naturally moved away from the succulents as she headed for the water filter.

    Lin Yiqian wanted to pour herself a glass of water.

    "I heard that Miss Xi grew up with Mr. Gu. He had always treated her as his biological sister. Coincidentally, Miss Xi had gotten sick because of rescuing Mr. Gu. Therefore, Mr. Gu could not abandon her at such a time," he said after a while.

    "Did something happen to Mr. Gu in the past?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    Why else would Qi Shaodong say that Xi Xia rescued him?

    Qi Shaodong shook his head. "I'm not too sure about this. I used to work for his grandfather. Back then, I overheard the old man talking about this with Chief Song. She has had this illness for a few years now."

    Qi Shaodong seemed like he really did not know about the details.

    "You may leave now," Lin Yiqian announced.

    Qi Shaodong nodded as he placed a few documents on Gu Nianshen's desk before he turned around to leave.

    As if he had suddenly recalled something, he turned to face Lin Yiqian. "If there's something else you need to attend to, you may leave the kid here. After all, he's already asleep."

    "It's fine." Lin Yiqian shook her head with a smile.

    As she poured herself a glass of lukewarm water, she held it in her hands while leaning against the glass cabinet next to the water filter.

    What had happened to Gu Nianshen after she left?

    Did Xi Xia get hurt from saving him? Was he hurt then?
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