159 Does It All Smell Like Xi Xia?

    The phone on Gu Nianshen's desk suddenly started ringing. Lin Yiqian was taken by surprise as the glass of water in her hand slipped off of her hand.

    Lin Yiqian frantically reached for the glass. Although she managed to get ahold of it, the impact from her sudden catch caused the water to spill all over her body.


    Lin Yiqian dropped her gaze only to find that the front of her shirt was completely soaked. Even her pants were soaked.

    As she tugged at her clothes, she could feel chilly air flowing in it. She could not continue to wear her clothes like this.

    She ought to check if there was a hairdryer in the bathroom.

    As Lin Yiqian entered the bedroom, she saw that Xiaoyu was still sleeping soundly on the bed. She smiled with a look of adoration on her face.

    Then, she walked into the bathroom.

    The bathroom was mediocre in size and had a simple basin in the center. As she opened the drawer underneath it, she was unable to find a hairdryer.

    'Doesn't he wash his head when he showers at the office?'

    It was obvious that there would not be a hairdryer anywhere else. However, as soon as she stood upright, her clothes stuck to her body and made her feel very uncomfortable.

    Lin Yiqian walked out of the bathroom defeatedly as her gaze landed on the cupboard next to the bed.

    Her only option now was to look for dry clothes to change before asking Bai Se to deliver clothes to her.

    As she thought of this, she walked over to the cupboard and opened it. As expected, there was a row of neatly arranged white shirts with the exception of one light-blue and two black shirts.

    Gu Nianshen would probably only wear these clothes on special occasions

    Lin Yiqian lifted her hand and gently ran her fingers through each shirt. She felt as if a soft breeze blew against her.

    As there were no female clothes in there, Lin Yiqian casually took one of the white shirts.

    After quickly putting it on in the bathroom, she remembered that she did not have any pants on. However, it was completely unnecessary as the shirt was long enough to cover her thighs. In fact, it was even longer than some of her skirts.

    Lin Yiqian lowered her head as she frowned.

    'Is that fellow this tall?'

    She was at least 168cm in height!

    As Lin Yiqian pouted, she walked over to the bed before sitting down. She should probably not wander around when she was dressed like this.

    Lin Yiqian needed to get Bai Se to send her some clothes. Xiaoyu would probably be hungry after he woke up and would ask to be fed.

    "Send me a set of clothing through express delivery."

    "Alright," Bai Se replied.

    After getting a reply from Bai Se, Lin Yiqian put her phone down and went back to bed.

    She unintentionally glanced at the window in the corner only to find rows of succulents and smiley-faced pots staring right back at her. Lin Yiqian felt as if a large boulder had been placed upon her heart.

    With a single motion, she pushed the duvet away and sat upright. She began to look around at the clean white bedsheet, the pillows, and everything else in the room.

    'Does it all... smell like Xi Xia? There are traces of Xi Xia everywhere...'

    Lin Yiqian bent her knees and hugged them with her arms as she rested her head against her knees. As she did so, she glanced out of the window at the redness of the evening sky.


    As soon as Gu Nianshen's plane landed, he received a call from Qi Shaodong informing him that Lin Yiqian had been in his bedroom with the little jerk for five hours. He wished he could instantly teleport to his office.

    It was nearly seven o'clock by the time he arrived. Although some employees were working overtime, everyone on the C-level team had left except for Qi Shaodong.

    The office was nearly silent.

    As soon as Gu Nianshen got out of the elevator, Qi Shaodong came running. "Boss, you've finally returned."

    "Have they made any noise at all?" Gu Nianshen asked as he started running toward his office.


    Qi Shaodong nodded as he passed by his own desk. When he saw the parcel on his desk, he picked it up. "This was from express delivery. Mrs. Gu's name is written on it."
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