165 Did He Just Reject Xi Xia?

    Although Gu Nianshen looked annoyed, he was still carrying Xiaoyu in his arms.

    Xiaoyu seemed significantly smaller, sitting in Gu Nianshen's arm. However, it was a peaceful image to behold.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but smile at the sight.

    Ding. The elevator had arrived.

    When the door opened, Gu Nianshen did not rush in. Instead, he used his leg to make sure the door would not close on them.

    "Hurry up." He glanced at Lin Yiqian as he urged, impatiently.

    "Oh." Lin Yiqian immediately ran over when she realized he was holding the door open for her.

    After the three of them had walked in, she immediately pressed the button for the elevator doors to close.

    While they waited for the elevator to descend, Xiaoyu obediently leaned against Gu Nianshen's body without uttering a single word.

    'Why is this little fellow so quiet all of a sudden? Hasn't he always been noisy?'

    Lin Yiqian was slightly upset that Lin Xiaoyu was so silent as she felt disturbed by the awkward silence.

    Right then, Gu Nianshen's phone suddenly began to ring.

    The silence was finally broken.

    As Gu Nianshen retrieved his phone from his pocket, Lin Yiqian stole a glance at the screen.

    It was a call from Song Changwen.

    Gu Nianshen placed Xiaoyu on the ground before picking up the call.

    Coincidentally, the elevator had arrived at the level of the parking lot. As Gu Nianshen murmured in agreement, he started walking out of the elevator.

    "I gave Aunt Zhou a call. Why aren't you home yet?" Song Changwen asked, concerned.

    "I'm at the office," Gu Nianshen replied.

    "You've had a long day. Don't think about work now. Go home and rest." She sounded overly concerned.


    Gu Nianshen was about to hang up when Song Changwen suddenly spoke again. "Why don't you give Xi Xia a call? She had been given anesthetics a while ago. She must be in so much pain."

    "I'm not a doctor. What difference would it make?" Gu Nianshen frowned.

    His response caused Song Changwen to remain momentarily silent. "Why are you behaving like this?"

    Right then, Lin Yiqian was holding Xiaoyu's hand as the two walked past Gu Nianshen. "The primary doctor had already told me that it's normal for her to feel pain after the surgery. It's unavoidable. Therefore, there's no point in speaking to her."

    Gu Nianshen was about to hang up.

    "Nianshen!" Song Changwen's scream could be heard through the phone.

    Gu Nianshen ignored her and proceeded to hang up anyway.

    Having noticed that Lin Yiqian was waiting with Xiaoyu next to his car, he immediately fished for his keys.

    Then, Lin Yiqian and Xiaoyu both sat in the back of the car.

    Lin Yiqian tried to read Gu Nianshen's face under the dim light in the car. "Is Xi Xia in a dire medical situation?"

    Despite her curiosity, Lin Yiqian still felt unraveled after asking the question.

    She continued to stare at Gu Nianshen's face with her head tilted.

    She was trying to catch each and every reaction on his face.

    "She'll be fine after the third surgery is completed," Gu Nianshen replied calmly as he drove.

    Although Lin Yiqian was surprised by his reaction, she was glad that he had reacted in that way.

    As the car moved, she shifted her gaze to the outside of the car.

    'I'm not a doctor. What difference would it make?'

    After a while, Lin Yiqian's gaze returned to Gu Nianshen who was in the driver's seat. Did he just reject Xi Xia?
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