166 Send Xiaoyu to the Police Station

    Before Song Changwen was done yelling at Gu Nianshen, he had cut her off by hanging up.

    As she lowered her head and looked at her phone for a long moment while wondering why Gu Nianshen had refused to speak to Xi Xia.

    "Sister Wen, what's the matter?" Feng Si asked, confused, as he happened to walk by.

    Song Changwen finally locked her phone and lifted her head to look at Feng Si with a frown. "Nianshen has been behaving strangely these days. I asked him to speak to Xi Xia but he refused."

    She began to wonder.

    "He's never been good at expressing himself," Feng Si replied. "However..."

    Feng Si suddenly paused, almost as if he was wary of speaking his mind.

    "However, what?" Song Changwen urged curiously.

    "I've always thought that your father's will was rather odd," Feng Si continued.

    "What's odd about it?" Song Changwen seemed alert now.

    "Although Mega has always cooperated with the Lin family, they never had a close personal relationship. In fact, he barely had any contact with Miss Lin. Like you, he had always preferred Xia Xia. Why would he change his will right before he passed away?"

    As soon as he stopped speaking, he stared at Song Changwen's face. "Even if he were close to the Lin family and wanted to help them out, he would not have forced Nianshen to take on the role in such a way. He had always regarded Nianshen in a profound way and had acknowledged him as his successor long ago. On the contrary, Nianshen did not seem eager about taking up his role."

    Although Song Changwen had previously thought about this, she could never quite figure out why her father would leave such a will behind.

    Not only did he sever the relationship between Nianshen and Xia Xia, but he had also even forced Nianshen to accept the role as his successor. As Feng Si had said, Nianshen had long ago been selected as her father's successor. When Nianshen wanted to leave the country previously, the old man refused to let him. He was worried that Gu Nianshen would not return once he left.

    Why did he leave a will behind, forcing Nianshen to marry someone he did not like if that were the case?

    Song Changwen pondered for a while. "What do you think?"

    Since Feng Si had brought this up, he must have had some ideas about how to explain this situation.

    "Could the Lin family have used certain methods to threaten the old man?" Feng Si asked.

    "Find out when you can," Song Changwen said, after a moment of silence.

    "Alright. I'll keep in mind." Feng Si nodded.

    Without continuing the conversation, Song Changwen walked closer to the door of the hospital ward as she looked into it through a transparent layer of window.

    She could see a girl on the bed with several tubes connected to her body. "Poor Xia Xia."

    "She'll get better." Feng Si patted Song Changwen on her shoulders.


    It was already nine o'clock by the time they were done with dinner. Lin Yiqian was feeling a little drowsy.

    However, she was beginning to wonder where they were headed in the car. Perhaps Gu Nianshen was taking a route she was unfamiliar with. Therefore, she did try to question him.

    After a while, the car finally stopped in front of a police station in the Fengxiang District.

    "Gu Nianshen, where are you taking..." Lin Yiqian leaned against the passenger seat from the back as she asked, nervously.

    "Do you think I would take him home?" Gu Nianshen unfastened his seatbelt as he glared at Lin Xiaoyu with a look of annoyance on his face.

    Lin Xiaoyu, unaware of what was happening, was still in the midst of examining a lollipop that they had bought at a restaurant a while ago.
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