169 Daddy Once Wore Pink Underwears Too

    Gu Nianshen's gaze returned to Lin Xiaoyu. 'This kid can't even speak properly. What right did he have to sleep with her?'

    As Lin Yiqian walked past Gu Nianshen on her way upstairs, she noticed that he had walking. "What's the matter?"

    Gu Nianshen snorted without saying a word as he turned around and continued walking upstairs.

    He took two steps at a time.

    His sudden mood swing had taken her by surprise.

    After staring at Gu Nianshen for a moment, Lin Yiqian proceeded to bring Xiaoyu upstairs.

    She directly brought him into her bedroom.

    Seeing that it was already ten o'clock, Lin Yiqian dropped her bag and immediately turned the tap on for hot water in the bathroom. She then kneeled in front of Xiaoyu to help him out of his clothes. "Xiaoyu, take your clothes off for a bath."

    Once his clothes were removed, Lin Yiqian could see his fair complexion.

    Although she had the urge to bite him all over his body, she could not bring herself to do it.

    In the end, she slapped his butt. "Wait for a second. I'll get you some clothes to get changed."

    However, where would she find him clothes?

    Lin Yiqian stood up as she pondered where to get clothes for Xiaoyu.

    Knock. Knock.

    Suddenly, someone knocked on her door. Without guessing about who it was, she walked over to the door and opened it. It was Aunt Zhou.

    When she saw Aunt Zhou, Lin Yiqian felt somewhat guilty. Worried that she might be there to ask about Xiaoyu, Lin Yiqian asked with a curious tone. "Aunt Zhou, what's up?"

    As soon as she asked the question, she noticed Aunt Zhou holding a set of pink clothes.

    "I saw that you and Nianshen had returned without any bags. That must mean this kid doesn't have any clothes with him." Aunt Zhou chuckled.

    As she spoke, she handed the pile of clothes to Lin Yiqian. "Here are some clothes Little Jing had left behind the day you and Nianshen got married. I've washed them. You can let Xiaoyu wear these for now. Also, give me his clothes and I'll get them washed too. They should be dry by tomorrow."

    Aunt Zhou gave Lin Yiqian a kind smile after finishing her sentence.

    "Thank you so much. I've already washed his clothes here. Aunt Zhou, please go to bed already." Lin Yiqian truly felt grateful.

    After Lin Yiqian had accepted the clothes, Aunt Zhou smiled and left.


    Lin Yiqian unfolded the long pink t-shirt which had a pink cartoon pig printed on it. It was even attached to pink underwear with a similar character printed on it.

    She laughed out loudly.

    Lin Yiqian knew Xiao Jing as Gu Nianshen's niece, who was also daughter to his oldest uncle. She would soon turn six years old. On the day Lin Yiqian had left the country, the little girl had only turned one week old. Everyone in her family including herself had attended the baby shower.

    If not for the girl's baby shower, that would not have happened...

    While Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze to Lin Xiaoyu who was taking off his own clothes, she covered her mouth as she chuckled.


    "These aren't my clothes."

    After Xiaoyu had taken his shower, Lin Yiqian helped him into the pink clothes. However, Xiaoyu was very eager to take them off. "Pink color is for girls."

    Lin Yiqian knew this would happen.

    Therefore, she had already thought of how to deal with the issue. "Boys can wear pink too. Even your Daddy once wore a pink skirt."

    Although Lin Yiqian was not keen on lying to him, she had no choice as there were no other clothes around.

    Moreover, Xiaoyu looked good in those clothes. He looked just like a little girl.

    When Lin Xiaoyu heard that his father had once worn a pink skirt, he immediately stopped making a fuss. Then, he obediently allowed Lin Yiqian to put the pink underwear on him.

    Then, Lin Yiqian stood up and carried him out of the bathroom.Something seems missing here
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