173 She Had Xiaoyu Whom Xi Xia Did Not Have

    A group of people was walking toward Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian was able to recall some of their faces on advertisements, either on public advertisement boards or on television screens.

    The man who led the group was Jing Se Media's boss, Jing Yuling.

    Lin Yiqian glanced at them briefly before pretending not to recognize them as she turned away.

    She had only met Jing Yuling once at LY's event. The only reason he was greeting her so eagerly was due to her relationship with Gu Nianshen.

    As the elevator arrived, Lin Yiqian started walking into the elevator with Xiaoyu after the passengers had exited.

    All of a sudden, Jing Yuling charged in front of her and blocked the way.

    "Mrs. Gu, I am Jing Yuling from Jing Se Media. Do you still remember me?"

    'Wouldn't you know if I remembered you or not?' Lin Yiqian thought. 'If I did remember you, I would have greeted you earlier.'

    However, since he had introduced himself, Lin Yiqian could not pretend not to recognize him anymore.

    "Mr. Jing." Lin Yiqian smiled courteously.

    Jing Yuling was around the age of thirty and had returned from abroad three years ago to take over the family business after having graduated with a Master's degree. During this period, Jing Se Media had managed to produce four successful actresses and actors, two of each, which proved his capabilities.

    However, he was also a real flirt.

    Known for his womanizing behavior, there was news about his constant changing of girlfriends during his period of study overseas. In fact, most of the young female celebrities were rumored to have been tainted by his touch.

    However, those who he did sleep with were all able to do very well in the line of business. Therefore, there was a rumor that the most important skill to possess in order to get into Jing Se Media was knowing how to get into Jing Yuling's bed.

    Right then, Jing Yuling did not seem bothered by Lin Yiqian's distant demeanor. "Fancy bumping into Mrs. Gu here," he said, politely.

    As he chuckled, his gaze lowered to face Lin Xiaoyu.

    There was suspicion on his face.

    Naturally, Lin Yiqian pulled Xiaoyu closer to her as she smiled at him. "My friend lives here."

    She spoke with a firm tone, which was very convincing.

    Jing Yuling shifted his gaze away from Xiaoyu as he smiled at Lin Yiqian. "I would like to apologize for what happened with Su Dan a little while ago. Originally, I had planned to purchase the grandest set of accessories from LY that night for Mrs. Gu. However, Mr. Gu had already made the purchase."

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian squinted very briefly in suspicion, so briefly that nobody had even noticed.

    "Mr. Jing, you're far too kind," she said calmly.

    Right then, another elevator arrived. "I have something to attend to. I'll have to leave now."

    As she spoke, she pulled Xiaoyu along as they entered the elevator.

    Jing Yuling did not follow after them. As soon as the elevator doors closed, Lin Yiqian lowered her head to look at Xiaoyu.

    Xiaoyu was holding yogurt ice-cream and was licking it thoughtfully.

    "The Blue Whale will bring you memories of the purest and the most beautiful form of first love."

    Those were the exact words used to advertise the Blue Whale. Therefore, Gu Nianshen must have given it to Xi Xia.

    As the corners of Lin Yiqian's mouth lifted, she placed a hand on Xiaoyu's head before gently caressing him.

    That was alright. She still had Xiaoyu whom Xi Xia did not have.


    Due to the difference in time zones, Bai Se was still asleep. When he was woken up by the ringing of the doorbell, he went to the door with his eyes barely open.

    As Xiaoyu had not seen Bai Se for an entire day, he ran up to him excitedly to give Bai Se a hug. "Uncle Bai Se."

    After all, Bai Se was the one who took care of Xiaoyu most of the time. He was already part of the family.
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