174 Why Do You Have Her Wechat Contact?

    Bai Se bent over to pick Lin Xiaoyu up. "Hey there, little one."

    After the two hugged each other for a while, Bai Se let go of Xiaoyu.

    "I've bought a lot of toys. Check them out." He patted Xiaoyu's head.


    Lin Xiaoyu obediently ran into the house. After he had gone into the bedroom, Lin Yiqian's face turned gloomy. "What were you thinking?"

    "What else could I have been thinking? I only wanted the three of you to reunite."

    As Bai Se spoke, he poured two glasses of water and handed one of them to Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian accepted his offer without saying a word.

    Then, she turned around and leaned her head against the wall as she looked upward.

    'Three of us reuniting...' She thought.

    Was that even possible?

    Bai Se stared at her momentarily before sighing out loud. "We have been able to go all out to get everything we wanted. Why can't you do the same in your relationship?"

    Bai Se was truly concerned about her.

    "Heh!" Lin Yiqian chuckled before turning around to look at Bai Se. "That's because I was not afraid to lose everything else. If I were rejected by one recording company, there were many more that I could approach. I could still become Catwoman."

    "However, if he rejects me, there isn't a second Gu Nianshen. I might lose Xiaoyu too." She continued after clearing her throat.

    Hearing this, Bai Se became quiet.

    "I have a meeting to attend to. I'll come again later in the evening," Lin Yiqian said before emptying her glass. After taking a glance into the bedroom, she turned around and headed out of the door.


    Gu Nianshen was occupied with a series of meetings.

    All of them involved topics that he did not want to hear about. As he leaned on the chair lazily, he rested his forehead on his hand.

    "Mega and The Cullinan have worked together for many years. Mr. Gu, you really shouldn't have made such a rash decision."

    "Yeah. The working relationship was entirely established by Chief Song..."

    "Then why don't you ask Chief Song to take over this position?" Gu Nianshen suddenly interrupted.

    Then, he stood up and proceeded to leave.

    Everyone in the room looked on helplessly as he walked away.

    If they were able to decide on who the position belonged to, they would not have had to try so hard to persuade him.

    They would have made sure that the arrogant and fickle-minded Gu Nianshen was kicked out of the company.

    "CEO." Qi Shaodong immediately put his phone away to greet Gu Nianshen when he saw him coming out of the meeting room, looking gloomy.

    Gu Nianshen ignored Qi Shaodong as he continued to walk in the direction of his office.

    This must mean that the meeting did not go according to his plan.

    Therefore, Qi Shaodong decided not to ask about it to avoid any further tension.

    Meanwhile, Qi Shaodong followed right behind Gu Nianshen as he pondered.

    'Maybe I should talk about Mrs. Gu. That's probably something he would enjoy talking about.'

    "I saw Mrs. Gu posting a few pictures of Xiaoyu. Have you two adopted him?"

    Gu Nianshen halted when he heard what Qi Shaodong said. "Why do you have her on Wechat?" He asked with a frown.

    Gu Nianshen sounded annoyed.

    Was he blaming Qi Shaodong for adding Lin Yiqian on Wechat?

    "I saved her number on my phone before this. That's why I have her on Wechat." Qi Shaodong hurriedly explained.

    "Did she accept your request?" Gu Nianshen asked.


    For some unknown reason, Qi Shaodong suddenly felt panic rising in his heart after responding to Gu Nianshen.
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