176 I Have Never Seen Such Shameless People

    "Burning the midnight oil took his life at the age of 25." The other link read.

    Gu Nianshen was speechless. All he did was post something on Wechat. What had he done wrong?

    The person whom he wanted concern for him from did not respond, while a bunch of other people who should not actually did.

    Gu Nianshen was so annoyed that he deleted his post.

    When he checked Lin Yiqian's status, there was still no response from her.


    With Na Wa endorsing Lin Quan's products, many shopping malls began selling the products once again. The statistics showed an increase in sales every day.

    As Lin Yiqian was occupied most of the day, she was only able to leave the meeting room by the time it was already half-past twelve.

    The people who walked out of the meeting room with her all seemed to be of a young age. They were a new group of top-notch employees handpicked by Bai Se.

    It was the very first meeting between Lin Yiqian and these employees.

    "Little Yi."

    As soon as Lin Yiqian entered her office, she found eight older men sitting on the couch inside.

    Seeing that she had returned, the men stood up one after the other to greet her with a smile.

    Before they had even spoken, Lin Yiqian knew what they were up to.

    Lin Yiqian looked from face to face before her eyes finally landed on a fat old man. "Uncle Zhang."

    The man was Zhang Mingfa, Lin Quan's previous general manager.

    After greeting them, Lin Yiqian walked to her desk.

    Once she had sat down, the fat old man smiled as he approached her. "It seemed that our method of encouraging you has worked."

    "What do you mean, Uncle Zhang?" Lin Yiqian pretended not to understand him.

    "I have previously sold my shares to encourage you," Zhang Mingfa replied.

    After speaking, he smiled pleasantly.

    Since they were being so upfront, Lin Yiqian had no reason to pretend not to understand their point any longer.

    "Even old people want to be respected." Lin Yiqian smiled sarcastically after a moment of thought.

    As she spoke, she tilted her head to look at Zhang Mingfa, suggesting that he should agree with her.

    Zhang Mingfa's facial expression turned gloomy as a hint of anger appeared in his eyes.

    However, he decided to resist the challenge as he recalled why he was there in the first place.

    "You're still young and you can't understand our ways. We don't blame you either." He continued to smile.

    'What a thick-skinned man...' Lin Yiqian thought.

    "It's all written in black and white. I'll transfer the money to your accounts by the end of the month. Have a pleasant trip home." Lin Yiqian decided to end the conversation.

    This was not up for discussion.

    Lin Yiqian then turned on her computer as she prepared to continue with her work.

    All of a sudden, Zhang Mingfa stepped forward and leaned closer to Lin Yiqian. "You can't treat us like this. Everything we've done so far was for the good of the Lin family. What does a young lady like you know?" He raised his voice.

    When Fang Heyang heard the loud conversation in the office, he immediately barged in.

    Nervously, he turned his face to Lin Yiqian. Seeing that she was sitting calmly in her seat, he sighed in relief.

    "I have never seen such shameless people. Fang Heyang, have you?" Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    'Come on, join me in dissing this group of old men.'

    Fang Heyang shook his head in agreement. "No way. How could I possibly have?"

    These days, an employee had to accomplish more than just sales based on his looks. He would even need to be an accomplice to his boss in dissing other people.

    It was not an easy job at all.

    Meanwhile, the old men's faces had turned red from the embarrassing comment.

    Zhang Mingfa pointed at Lin Yiqian as he shouted, "Young lady, don't be so arrogant. Back in the days when I started working for this company, you weren't even born yet."

    "Is it unlawful for me to be arrogant?" Lin Yiqian shrugged without any sign of fear.
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