177 Did Our Chief Lin Ruin Your Company?

    Zhang Mingfa was immediately angered by what Lin Yiqian had said.

    As he gritted his teeth, he nodded. "Fine. You are not violating the law for being arrogant. We'll wait for your father to be the judge of that. Let's see if he'll let you treat the former shareholders like us this way."

    Several old men began to voice their support for Zhang Mingfa.

    They were acting as if they were much more senior than her as they criticized her for her behavior.

    Lin Yiqian gave them the side-eye as she smiled to herself.

    "Uncles, you're all antiques now. Not shareholders," she said.


    The faces of the old men turned red from anger.

    They could barely speak from how offended they were by Lin Yiqian's comment.

    "Chief, you've arrived just in time. Your daughter is being disrespectful."

    Suddenly, a familiar man's figure appeared at the door.

    Lin Yiqian caught sight of him and immediately froze.

    She was completely unaware that her hands were tightening around a stack of documents until they were nearly all crumpled.

    Her gaze returned to the door as she loosened her grip on the documents.

    Lin Tianwan was wearing a gray-colored shirt with matching gray tuxedo pants. He was dressed as if he were here to work.

    Lin Yiqian looked him up and down before she squinted.

    She could sense that the group of men were here not just to reacquire their shares in the company.

    Lin Tianwan smiled as he nodded at Zhang Mingfa before shifting his gaze to Lin Yiqian.

    However, as soon as their eyes met, he turned his gaze away as he greeted the other men, "You're all here."

    "Why have you allowed your daughter to make a mess of this company?"

    The group of men surrounded Lin Tianwan as they complained about Lin Yiqian.

    Meanwhile, Lin Tianwan listened quietly to what they had to say.

    "Little Yi is doing a pretty good job at managing the company." He frowned, confused.

    "Good?" Zhang Mingfa snorted as he stared at Lin Yiqian. "She's arrogant and disrespectful. The company is only surviving because of the Gu family's help. If it's left to her to manage, it'll all go south one day."

    The group of men was here for only one reason.

    "It's only a matter of time." The other men chipped in to support Zhang Mingfa's statement.

    Lin Yiqian listened to them calmly.

    However, Fang Heyang could not take it anymore. "Hey, old men. Did our Chief Lin ruin your company?"

    'What right do you have to express your concerns here?' He rolled his eyes.

    Then, he lifted his chin as he stared at Zhang Mingfa angrily.

    Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze to Fang Heyang with a look of confusion on her face. Right then, he had completely revealed his gangster-like mannerism.

    Why did she enjoy seeing it so much?

    Meanwhile, Zhang Mingfa and the rest were stunned by Fang Heyang who had come out of nowhere.

    "What are you?" He asked, pointing at Fang Heyang after staring at him for a few seconds.

    "I'm a human. Not a thing." Fang Heyang rolled his eyes as he chucked his hands into his pockets lazily.

    "Which department are you from? Why are you here?" Lin Tianwan asked after scanning Fang Heyang up and down.

    "Marketing," Fang Heyang replied, formally.

    "Go to work." Lin Tianwan commanded with a serious tone.

    He sounded very much like how a leader would.
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