178 Of Course I’ll Hit You

    After all, he was Lin Tian Wan, Lin Yiqian's father. Fang Heyang shoulders relaxed as he calmed himself down.

    When Zhang Mingfa saw that Lin Tianwan was exerting his dominance, he immediately played along. "Chief Lin, how could you hand the company over to her? She's only been abroad for a few years. How could she possibly be capable?"

    He gave Lin Yiqian the side-eye before continuing. "Moreover, everyone is talking about how Gu Nianshen wasn't the one who helped her get the contract with Na Wa. There are different stories about how the deal was made and none of them are pleasant to hear about. I suggest you advise her on being more low-key and not fool around with men outside of her marriage. Otherwise, she might end up being kicked out of the Gu family and embarrassing our entire household."

    Hearing this, Fang Heyang raised his head and stared at Zhang Mingfa angrily.

    By the time Zhang Mingfa realized that he was in danger, it was already too late.

    Fang Heyang grabbed him by the collars. "Old man, do you want to be beaten up?"

    Fang Heyang continued to stare at Zhang Mingfa as he raised his fist.

    "What... What are you doing?" Zhang Mingfa's face had turned pale.

    "You're an old man. What else can I do? Of course, I'll hit you." Fang Heyang's grip tightened around Zhang Mingfa's collars as he raised it upward.

    "You... you dare to hit me?" Zhang Mingfa asked with a trembling voice.

    "Call the cops. The young man is hitting a senior." Someone shouted out.

    Several people took their phones out.

    Fang Heyang turned around and stared at each of them in turn. "I'll hit anyone who has their phone out."

    His stare instilled fear in each of them as they all dropped their hands.

    Even Lin Yiqian was a little surprised as she observed Fang Heyang's actions.

    'He doesn't just look like a gangster. He practically is one.' Lin Yiqian reminded herself not to judge a book by its cover.

    Fang Heyang's gaze returned to Zhang Mingfa. "Apologize to our Chief Lin right away and I'll consider letting you off the hook. Otherwise, I'm going to pluck out all your facial hair."

    As he spoke, Fang Heyang dragged Zhang Mingfa closer to Lin Yiqian.

    He was forcing the old man to apologize to Lin Yiqian.

    At his age, Zhang Mingfa was not willing to succumb to a young man's threat as he stared at Fang Heyang without doing anything.

    Fang Heyang raised his leg and was prepared to kick the old man's knee.

    "Okay... I'll apologize." Zhang Mingfa closed his eyes.

    "Little Yi, I was wrong for saying those things. Please forgive me."

    Fang Heyang did not care whether the apology was genuine or not. All he wanted was for the old man to admit his fault.

    Since he had already apologized, Lin Yiqian decided not to make things any more difficult for Zhang Mingfa. "You're a good old man for recognizing your own mistakes."

    Fang Heyang was speechless.

    As he frowned, he saw how serious Lin Yiqian seemed to be.

    He could not believe how playful this woman was.

    Unable to control his laughter, Fang Heyang chuckled as he shook his head before letting go of Zhang Mingfa.

    Meanwhile, Zhang Mingfa panted as if he had just escaped from hell.

    Although he was still upset about being forced to apologize, he decided to keep his mouth shut after peeking at Fang Heyang.

    "If there's nothing else, please leave. I'm quite busy," Lin Yiqian announced.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian spoke, Fang Heyang glanced at the group of old men, lazily.

    They immediately fled for their lives.
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