179 Gu Nianshen, Will You Have Lunch With Me?

    Lin Tianwan was the only person left. Not only did he choose not to leave, he even walked closer to Lin Yiqian.

    "Little Yi."

    Observing the scene, Fang Heyang made a move to leave. "I have a few documents to print. I'll leave now."

    Once Fang Heyang stepped out of the room and closed the door, Lin Tianwan quickly approached Lin Yiqian. "Little Yi, this man is a gangster. How could you allow him to work here?"

    "The company belongs to me now. I should not have to get your approval on who to hire."

    Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze away from Lin Tianwan before picking up a document that she had nearly tore apart earlier. She carefully arranged it on her desk.

    Lin Tianwan felt awkward from being ignored by her.

    "In terms of management, I have much more experience than you do." He lowered his voice.

    "What do you think then?" Lin Yiqian turned around and raised her brows at Lin Tianwan.

    "Let me help you out in the company." Lin Tianwan decided to be upfront.

    "In your dreams." Lin Yiqian snorted.

    She then looked at Lin Tianwan again.

    She noticed that he seemed much older than before when he frowned helplessly.

    As if something had pricked her eyes, Lin Yiqian immediately shifted her gaze away.

    "At least I've always treated you dearly when you were growing up. You can't treat your father this way," Lin Tianwan complained.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but inhale deeply.

    As she held the breath in, she tried to calm herself down before exhaling.

    "I'm not someone who repays another's kindness. You have treated me well out of choice. By law, I am not required to do the same to you," Lin Yiqian blurted, coldly.

    Then, Lin Yiqian shut off her laptop as she picked her phone up and ran out of the office with tears in her eyes.


    "Mrs. Gu..."

    Gu Nianshen had just returned to his desk after finishing his meal when the door to his office was suddenly opened.

    When he heard Qi Shaodong shouting out Lin Yiqian's name, he wondered if he had heard him mistakenly. However, he still raised his gaze to the door with a surprised expression.

    He was not disappointed as Lin Yiqian's familiar figure came into sight. However, his facial expression turned gloomy when he saw that Lin Yiqian's eyes were red from crying.

    "What happened to you?" He immediately stood up and approached her.

    "Gu Nianshen, will you have lunch with me?" Lin Yiqian blurted as soon as he saw the man walking toward her.

    Then, she clasped her hands tightly together nervously as she waited for his reply.

    How could Gu Nianshen possibly reject her? He nearly wanted to hug her.

    "Would you like to eat dumplings?" He asked, gently.

    That meant he had accepted her request!

    Lin Yiqian was quiet for a moment before she recollected herself and nodded. "Yeah. I have already called the owner. He'll deliver some dumplings over in a while."

    She was ready to face the consequences.


    Lin Yiqian had ordered four containers of dumplings, all without onions in them.

    Dipping each dumpling in a plate of vinegar sauce before popping them into her mouth, she very quickly gobbled down two containers of dumplings.

    Without stopping, she continued to eat the remaining containers of dumplings.

    Ever since she took on the identity of Catwoman, Lin Yiqian had not eaten a proper meal. She constantly reminded herself of the importance of keeping a slim figure.

    In order for Lin Yiqian to eat comfortably, Gu Nianshen had allowed Lin Yiqian to eat at his desk as he sat across from her.

    Gu Nianshen rested his chin on his arms as he quietly observed Lin Yiqian who was still eating.

    After Lin Yiqian had finished the third container of dumplings, she finally put her chopsticks down as she could no longer eat anymore. She immediately rested her head on the table after taking a sip of water.

    As she did so, she stared at the man in front of her, unblinkingly.
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