180 Your Husband Is Really Protective

    After a while, Lin Yiqian's eyes got tired and she blinked several times before changing her posture. As she now leaned on the desk, a piece of Qian Si chocolate Gu Nianshen had given her was directly in front of her face.

    Her eyes immediately turned red as she picked up the piece of chocolate. "Jiang Yuexiang used to line up for these chocolates for me when she went to France."

    She felt something in her throat. "My mother and I had never suspected anything. Every time my aunt went abroad, my father would not be around either," she spoke in a nasal tone.

    "Mother even cooked delicious food for Jiang Mo and fetched him to and fro school."

    Lin Yiqian could no longer hold in her tears as they trickled down her face.

    Gu Nianshen felt a sudden pain in his heart. However, he did not interrupt her as he listened quietly.

    After all the years they had known each other, she had never said this much to him.

    From her words, he could sense more than just her grief toward her mother. There was a hint of indescribable sadness.

    Seeing that Lin Yiqian had closed her eyes, Gu Nianshen carefully extended his hands to wipe away her tears before gently brushing his hands across her face.


    Gu Nianshen's finger lingered upon Lin Yiqian's face for a moment longer before he unplugged the landline on his desk.

    Then, he made sure his phone was on silent mode before sending a text to Qi Shaodong. "Find out what happened at Lin Quan this morning."

    After he had sent the text message, he raised his eyes only to find that Lin Yiqian had fallen asleep in front of him.

    "Understood," Qi Shaodong replied.

    Shortly after, Qi Shaodong sent Gu Nianshen another text message. "Oh yeah, boss, there are people writing awful stuff about Mrs. Gu on the internet. Would you like to have a look?"

    Gu Nianshen frowned for a moment before he replied Qi Shaodong, "Send them over."

    Qi Shaodong immediately sent Gu Nianshen a link.

    'Lin Quan was suspected to have booked Na Wa as their ambassador through Mrs. Gu's ex, Song Changlin, who pulled strings with people he knew...'

    There were various articles linked more news about Lin Yiqian and Song Changlin, some of which Gu Nianshen knew about and others which he did not.

    Gu Nianshen's facial expression turned gloomy.

    As he dropped his phone, he stood up gently as he circled around to Lin Yiqian's side before lowering his face closer to hers.

    From the way she looked, all the jealousy and anger in his eyes melted away as they were replaced by a look of helplessness.

    Gu Nianshen lowered his head further to give Lin Yiqian a gentle peck near the corner of her eye.

    It was such a gentle motion that it could hardly be felt.

    Then, he sighed helplessly as his gaze returned to Lin Yiqian's face.

    'Lin Yiqian, when can you forget about Song Changlin once and for all?'


    Lin Yiqian was woken up by the sound of her phone ringing. As she dug her phone out from her purse, she could see that it was a call from Na Wa.

    All of a sudden, she realized that she was still in Gu Nianshen's office. "I can't pick up the phone now. What's up?" She responded with a text instead.

    "Your husband is really protective."

    What was the meaning of that?

    Lin Yiqian replied Na Wa's message with a question mark.

    "Oh my god. It's all over the internet. How can you not know?" Na Wa responded.

    'All over the internet?'

    Lin Yiqian immediately opened Weibo on her phone. The first thing that came into sight was 'Gu Nianshen, Na Wa'.

    Why were these two all over the headlines?

    When she opened one of the links, Lin Yiqian could see an article titled 'Shen Qian' that was posted on Na Wa's Weibo. It was accompanied by a line of text which reeked of hostility. "I've heard that someone else has approached you on behalf of my wife. Did you accept two separate payments for the endorsement?"

    After clicking on the link titled 'Shen Qian', Lin Yiqian saw three words at the bottom. 'Gu Nianshen'.
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