181 Indulge in Gu Nianshen’s Beauty

    Lin Yiqian appeared dumbfounded as she scrolled through the related Weibo posts. Finally, she understood that someone had falsified rumors saying that Song Changlin had helped her with getting Na Wa for the endorsement deal. They had made it sound as if she was still involved with Song Changlin.

    In other words, they were also indirectly suggesting that she was cheating on Gu Nianshen. As Gu Nianshen was an egoistic person, he would definitely not be able to ignore it.

    It seemed that Zhang Mingfa was not making the story up earlier. Somebody had indeed created such false rumors on the internet.

    While Lin Yiqian pondered, Na Wa sent her another text message. "Tell me how to reply to his post. He's waiting online."

    "Of course, you must state clearly that he was the only person who approached you and that you have only received a single payment from him to endorse Lin Quan's products." Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    "Also, tell Gu Nianshen that he is handsome and has a lot of money. Why would his wife look for another man?" She added.

    Not long after the text had been sent, Lin Yiqian refreshed Na Wa's Weibo to find that Na Wa had replied to 'Shen Qian'. "Mr. Gu, you have wrongly accused me. I have only signed a single contract with you and your wife. In the case of such a handsome and capable man like yourself, your wife would certainly only indulge in your beauty. Why would she seek another man? Moreover, do I look like someone who lacked a few ten million?"

    Indeed, this fellow had nothing but acting and lust in her mind.

    Lin Yiqian cursed at Na Wa's response on Weibo.

    Suddenly, she could feel someone standing behind her. As she turned her head around, her heart stopped.

    Lin Yiqian had no idea when Gu Nianshen was standing behind her. "Where... Where did you go?" She asked frantically as she stood up.

    In actual fact, she wanted to ask when he started standing there.

    Why did she not hear anything?

    However, she was worried that her guilt might come across too easily.

    "I had a meeting," Gu Nianshen answered as he continued to walk to his desk.

    It seemed that Gu Nianshen had not been there for too long. Lin Yiqian hoped that he had not overseen her conversation with Na Wa.

    After Lin Yiqian observed Gu Nianshen for a moment, she sighed in relief. "Alright then, I'm going back now. Thank you for today."

    Lin Yiqian smiled in an embarrassed manner as she recalled how much she had shared with Gu Nianshen.

    However, she did feel a lot more cheerful now.

    Lin Yiqian had never imagined that Gu Nianshen would be willing to listen to her complaints.

    When Gu Nianshen saw how red her cheeks had become, he frowned confusedly as he tilted his head.

    "Alright," he answered, not quite able to figure out what had caused such a reaction.

    "I'll be leaving now."

    Lin Yiqian turned around as she began to leave when she suddenly heard Gu Nianshen's voice. "Do you want to bring a piece of chocolate with you?"

    Lin Yiqian turned her head around to find Gu Nianshen holding a piece of Qian Si chocolate in a golden wrapper.

    She stood stunned for a moment before she nodded. "Ahh... Alright!"

    Lin Yiqian accepted the chocolate and held it in her hand. After she had walked out of Gu Nianshen's office, she looked at the small piece of chocolate in her hand. With her hand over her mouth to conceal her chuckling, she started walking away.


    A slight look of disappointment appeared on Gu Nianshen's face as the lady's slender figure gradually disappeared.

    After a while, he shifted his gaze back to the landline on his desk.

    "Come in for a moment."

    As soon as he gave his order, Gu Nianshen put the phone down. By then, the door to his office had already been opened as Qi Shaodong walked in with a smile on his face.


    "Have you gotten the details of the young fellow?" Gu Nianshen frowned.

    "Yes, I have." Qi Shaodong nodded. "Fang Heyang is from a military family. We'll skip his great grandparents and the like."
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