183 Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian

    Although the hotel was not very far away from the office, there was heavy traffic on the road due to the rush hour. By the time Lin Yiqian arrived at the hotel, the sky had already turned dark.

    Lin Xiaoyu was drawing at the coffee table as Lin Yiqian carefully approached him. His drawing was so abstract that she could not tell what it was.

    Despite Lin Yiqian's intention to wait for him to finish his drawing, Lin Xiaoyu noticed her when he raised his head all of a sudden. "Mommy."

    Lin Xiaoyu dropped his pencil out of excitement and stood up to hug Lin Yiqian.

    As Lin Yiqian let go of her purse, she picked Xiaoyu up by the arms and brought him to the couch.

    "Xiaoyu, where did you play today?" She asked.

    "We went to see dinosaurs and even swam for a while." Lin Xiaoyu gesticulated.

    He had a really fun day.

    "That's awesome." Lin Yiqian rubbed her forehead against his.

    "Where's Daddy?"

    Lin Xiaoyu was suddenly reminded of Gu Nianshen.

    As he turned to look at the door, he realized that it was already closed. Seeing no Gu Nianshen, Xiaoyu felt somewhat disappointed.

    Lin Yiqian's heart sank when she saw that the corners of his mouth had drooped.

    "Daddy is still busy. Is it okay if Mommy spends time with you instead?" She hugged him tightly.

    "I want Daddy to be with Mommy." Xiaoyu lowered his head as he played with his plump fingers.

    "In that case..." Lin Yiqian hesitated for a moment. "Why don't we send Daddy a message on Wechat to ask him what he's doing?"

    "Alright!" Lin Xiaoyu's eyes lit up as he nodded eagerly.

    He could barely wait for Lin Yiqian to take her phone out.

    As Lin Yiqian opened Wechat, she could see a red dot which meant that there was a new notification. She tapped on it out of habit to refresh her feed.

    Immediately, two words came into sight, 'Shen Qian'. She could not help but recall that this was Gu Nianshen's nickname on Wechat.

    'Shen... Qian...'

    Did 'Qian' refer to her name?

    Could she be overthinking things?

    However, when she looked at the word again, she still felt that it was referring to her. This resembled the way she used to imagine him looking at her when his face turned her way.

    "Is this Daddy?"

    Lin Yiqian was staring into space when Lin Xiaoyu suddenly took the phone out of her hands.

    When she came back to her senses, she saw that Xiaoyu was tapping on Gu Nianshen's profile picture. Concerned that he might send something by mistake, she immediately grabbed the phone away from him.

    As she did so, she saw that Gu Nianshen had posted two words on his feed. "Very pretty."

    There was a picture attached which seemed to be a swimming pool.

    'Is he swimming?'

    While Lin Yiqian was in a state of confusion, she subconsciously scrolled the screen with her finger as a new status update appeared.

    "At the hot spring with my boss." It was posted by Qi Shaodong.

    'Oh, they've gone to the hot spring.'

    They were having such a leisurely time.

    However, Lin Yiqian was more surprised by the fact that Gu Nianshen actually posted status updates. He had even published a post to tell everyone that he was tired.

    This was unlike the cool and uptight jerk she knew him to be.

    'Should I like his post?' She wondered.

    "Call Daddy!" Lin Xiaoyu exclaimed unhappily as Lin Yiqian had forgotten about their primary objective.

    "I know. I know."

    "Are you there?" Lin Yiqian immediately sent Gu Nianshen a message as Lin Xiaoyu stared at her.

    "What's up?" Gu Nianshen replied, almost instantly.

    Lin Yiqian was somewhat surprised.

    However, she did not think much of it as she typed her reply. "Xiaoyu's parents would like to thank us for sending him home by treating us to dinner. Also, Xiaoyu says he misses you and had asked me to give you a call. Are you free to speak to him for a while?"
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