184 Its Fine If Youre Busy

    After typing out the message, Lin Yiqian read through it to make sure every word made sense before sending it out.

    Then, she put her phone down and took a sip of water from the glass in front of her.

    After a short while, the screen of her phone lit up as Gu Nianshen's reply came.

    "Are you very close to them?" He wrote.

    From the six words, Lin Yiqian was able to imagine the frown on Gu Nianshen's face as he uttered them in her mind.

    Her gaze dropped in disappointment.

    She had expected that this would be his response.

    However, she could not help but feel somewhat upset. "It's fine if you're busy," she replied.

    After sending the text, she locked her phone and looked at Xiaoyu.

    He was still looking at her expectantly.

    Although Xiaoyu was still young and knew very little about how the world worked, he was still able to comprehend his mother's helpless facial expression. "Then Mommy and Xiaoyu can have dinner. Just the two of us will do."

    As he spoke, he raised his hands and hugged Lin Yiqian around her neck.

    He was being so considerate that it broke Lin Yiqian's heart. "Alright, Mommy will bring you out for a nice meal." She returned his hug.

    "Xiaoyu wants to eat a lot."

    "You can each as much as you'd like."


    There was a famous restaurant on the top floor of Shanghai's best hotel. It was designed in such a way that the surrounding walls were all made of glass and anyone who dined within could see the night sky as well as the skyline of the city at night.

    From the corner seat, one could see the entire city under the night sky.

    As Lin Yiqian rested her chin on her hands, the warm glow from the chandelier was reflected on her eyes. However, she could not feel the warmth at all.

    It was because she could not offer Xiaoyu the metaphorical warmth of a complete family.


    Lin Yiqian was lost in her thoughts for a moment when Xiaoyu suddenly called her name. "What's the matter?" She shifted her gaze to his face.

    "I want to eat that too." Lin Xiaoyu pointed at the table next to them.

    Then, he started staring at the food on the table next to theirs.

    'This little glutton...'

    Lin Yiqian followed Xiaoyu's gaze to the table next to theirs. The first thing that came into sight was a bluish-pink dessert that the waiter was about to place on the table.

    There were two puppy-shaped chocolates which seemed very finely made.

    Xiaoyu must have been attracted by the dessert.

    "Of course you can." Lin Yiqian nodded at Xiaoyu as she called after the waiter. "Waiter."

    "Hello there, how can I help you?" The waiter asked very respectfully as he walked over to Lin Yiqian.

    "We would like to have the same dessert that you have served to that table over there." Lin Yiqian pointed.

    The waiter glanced at the table Lin Yiqian pointed at before looking at Lin Yiqian apologetically. "That's our limited edition dessert. The chef only makes ten of those each night. I'm afraid that was our last one."

    This was the first time Lin Yiqian heard about limited edition desserts. In fact, there were only ten units of it each day.

    Were they telling the world that their food was good because of its rarity?

    However, this was their rule and there was nothing Lin Yiqian could do about it. "Xiaoyu, can we order this tomorrow?" She asked, gently.

    Hearing this, Xiaoyu pouted in disappointment.

    He turned to look at the dessert on the table next to theirs once again. "But I really want to eat it. I like the puppy a lot."

    The waiter was feeling a little sorry for Xiaoyu.

    "Why don't you ask the customer over there if they could give it to your child?" He suggested.

    "It's alright. Thank you." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    She would not allow Xiaoyu to become spoiled.

    "Little kid, come and get it if you want to eat it." A woman's voice could be heard.

    The voice sounded vaguely familiar to Lin Yiqian.

    As she turned her head around to face the woman, Lin Yiqian could see a young lady around her age lowering the plate of dessert to the ground.
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