185 Mrs. Gu Said You Are Handsome

    It appeared almost as if the lady was calling out to a dog that she was trying to feed. As she did so, she even smiled at Lin Yiqian sardonically.

    Almost instantly, Lin Yiqian's facial expression turned cold as she glared at the woman.

    As Xiaoyu was right next to her, she clenched her fists tightly to resist losing her temper.

    Xiaoyu was still a child and therefore did not understand what it meant when someone placed food on the ground. He was purely focused on getting the dessert.

    However, he did not immediately run over to get it. Instead, he looked at Lin Yiqian for her approval.

    He can only accept something from other people with his mother's approval.

    Lin Yiqian softened her gaze when she looked at Xiaoyu. "The dessert is meant to be eaten by a dog. Do you still want to eat it?"

    Lin Yiqian blinked in an innocent manner.

    "But I don't see any dogs." Xiaoyu frowned confusedly.

    As he spoke, he even looked around to see if there was a dog somewhere.

    "Lin Yiqian, who are you calling a dog?" The woman immediately stood up from her seat and pointed at Lin Yiqian.

    Her angry voice drew the attention of other customers in the restaurant as everyone began to look her way.

    Lin Yiqian ignored the woman as she stood up and picked Xiaoyu up. She very naturally covered his face with her arm. "The dog is barking. Let's eat in the room. Otherwise, we might get bitten."

    Although Lin Yiqian was speaking softly next to Xiaoyu's ear, her voice was loud enough to be heard by the woman.

    Feeling insulted, the woman angrily grabbed Lin Yiqian by her arm.

    "Lin Yiqian, stop right there."

    As the woman tugged at her arm forcefully, Lin Yiqian nearly toppled over with Xiaoyu in her harms.

    Not wanting to draw any attention for fear of exposing Xiaoyu's identity, she immediately circled her hand around Xiaoyu's head to cover his face under her neck.

    She then turned around to stare at the woman who had nearly caused her to fall.

    Under Lin Yiqian's cold stare, the woman subconsciously backed away several inches.

    Lin Yiqian did not allow her gaze to linger as she immediately started walking out of the restaurant.

    The woman began to call out sarcastically, "Lin Yiqian got together with my youngest uncle before marrying my cousin, Gu Nianshen. Nianshen is my uncle's biological nephew. Originally, he should have become Xia Xia's husband. Don't you feel grossed out by being with him?"

    'He should have become Xia Xia's husband...'

    When Lin Yiqian heard those words, her jealousy and pride immediately caused her to lose her self-control. "My husband is extremely attractive. How could I possibly be grossed out by being with him?" Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    As Gu Nianshen happened to arrive at the entrance, he overheard what Lin Yiqian had just said.

    He paused to ascertain if he had heard her wrongly. "What did she just say?" He asked Qi Shaodong.

    However, he could no longer hide the smile on his face.

    Qi Shaodong rolled his eyes at Gu Nianshen before replying, "She said that you are handsome. In other words, she claims that you are attractive to her."

    'Look at how happy you are.'

    "Is that so?" Gu Nianshen straightened his back as he lifted his chin slightly.

    His gaze returned to Lin Yiqian.

    He could tell that she was upset and was clearly trying to control her emotions.

    Hence, Gu Nianshen's facial expression turned equally cold when his gaze shifted to the woman behind Lin Yiqian.

    "Who is that woman?" He asked with a frown.

    When Qi Shaodong noticed how Gu Nianshen genuinely did not recognize the lady, he secretly gave him the side-eye. "She is your oldest uncle's daughter, as well as your first cousin, Song Feifei."
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