186 Gu Nianshens First Cousin Sister

    "I don't know her," Gu Nianshen replied, expressionlessly.

    "I understand." Qi Shaodong immediately knew what to do.

    After responding to Gu Nianshen, Qi Shaodong turned around and left.

    For the sake of his wife, Gu Nianshen was even willing to disown his first cousin sister. What a scary man.


    "You shameless woman."

    Song Feifei was extremely annoyed by how Lin Yiqian seemed to revel in having played with her uncle and taking her best friend's boyfriend as her husband.

    She was now yelling at Lin Yiqian without caring about who was listening or watching and had thus completely ruined the romantic ambiance in the restaurant.

    Everyone in the restaurant was now looking at them.

    "Young lady, we are a high-class restaurant. Please do not raise your voice in such a rude manner." A middle-aged employee came over to stop Song Feifei from shouting further.

    The words he used were very direct and relentless.

    Song Feifei pointed at the middle-aged employee after being yelled at for being rude. "Who are you calling rude? Where is your manager? I want to speak to him." She slammed her hand on the table as she called out.

    "I am the manager," the middle-aged man replied, calmly.

    Then, he picked up the plate of dessert that had been left on the ground. "All our limited edition desserts are personally hand-made by our CEO's wife. We have already included you in our blacklist for wasting food and wasting the effort of others."

    Song Feifei pointed at herself incredulously. "You've put me in the blacklist? Do you even know who I am?"

    Customers around her began to discuss about Song Feifei's identity.

    "This must be Song Changzhao's eldest daughter."

    "It is her. Didn't she participate in Super Voice? I think she's already entered the final round."

    "It really is her. I was wondering why she looked so familiar."

    "This restaurant must be quite something. That lady is a member of the Song family, and is Song Changwen's niece, which means she is also Gu Nianshen's cousin."

    "Goodness. This restaurant is in trouble."

    However, the middle-aged manager did not seem bothered by the comments. "It doesn't matter who you are. We have the right to refuse to serve customers like you who are rude and disrespectful. Please leave immediately." He put emphasis on the final sentence.

    Song Feifei was thoroughly embarrassed by the fact that she was just forced to leave the restaurant.

    As tears filled her eyes, she pointed with her trembling finger at the manager. "You just wait. I will make sure your CEO and his wife apologize to me in person."

    Then, she flung her hands downward and stormed off.

    As she passed Lin Yiqian on the way out, she stared at her, angrily.

    However, Lin Yiqian ignored her. Perhaps it was because Song Feifei was not Gu Nianshen's biological sister. If she were Gu Nianjia, Lin Yiqian might have made a face at her.

    No... How could she compare Song Feifei to Gu Nianjia. Gu Nianjia was an adorable girl who would not insult a child.

    After Song Feifei had walked several steps away, Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze to the middle-aged manager.

    Coincidentally, he was also looking at her. "I'm truly sorry for the disturbance. Our pastry chef will prepare an identical dessert that will be served shortly." He bowed respectfully as he finished his sentence before he turned around and left.

    Lin Yiqian frowned confusedly. Why did she feel that something was amiss?

    Why would the manager speak to Song Feifei, who was Gu Nianshen's cousin and a member of the Song family, in such a way?
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