187 Return Home Together

    Although the manager was responsible for resolving the issue as it had occurred in the restaurant, he did not have to speak so harshly to Song Feifei.

    He had even put her on the blacklist and kicked her out of the restaurant.

    It was almost as if he had insulted the entire Song family.

    Lin Yiqian could imagine how upset Song Changwen might be once she found out about this.

    At first, Lin Yiqian had lost her appetite. However, she and Xiaoyu returned to their seats after they were told desserts would be served for free.

    "Mommy, I see Daddy." Lin Xiaoyu exclaimed all of a sudden as he dropped the piece of the chicken wing in his hands and ran off.

    How could that be?

    Lin Yiqian's gaze followed Xiaoyu. To her surprise, she was able to spot a familiar tall figure in a group of people.

    It really was him.

    While she pondered, Xiaoyu had already arrived before Gu Nianshen. Lin Yiqian immediately went after Xiaoyu.

    "Daddy." Lin Xiaoyu looked up at Gu Nianshen cheerfully.

    The group of people who walked behind Gu Nianshen was stunned by how Lin Xiaoyu had addressed Gu Nianshen as 'Daddy'.

    When did Mr. Gu have a child?

    After the group of people threw glances at each other, they shifted their confused gazes to Gu Nianshen in unison.

    "Mr. Gu, this is..."

    "Wait for me in the guest room," Gu Nianshen ordered as he ignored their questioning looks. Then, he stared angrily at Xiaoyu who was tugging at his pants with oily hands.

    Just as Gu Nianshen was about to grab Xiaoyu with his hands, Lin Yiqian arrived.

    "Lin Yiqian, why are you following me?" He looked at Lin Yiqian in disgust.

    'What?' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Did he just say she was following him?

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless as she pointed at their table. "Xiaoyu and I had already ordered our food. Mr. Gu, you are the one who had just arrived."

    'You're the one who is following me.' She thought.

    Gu Nianshen frowned at her righteous tone.

    "Daddy, there was an annoying woman who bullied my Mommy a while ago." Lin Xiaoyu pouted.

    Lin Yiqian was shocked by Xiaoyu's statement.

    She did not expect Xiaoyu to tell Gu Nianshen about what just happened. More importantly, she did not think Xiaoyu would consider Lin Yiqian as having been bullied.

    Lin Yiqian thought Xiaoyu was only focused on the plate of dessert.

    She suddenly felt glad.

    As Gu Nianshen could tell from the way Xiaoyu talked that he cared about Lin Yiqian a lot, he seemed much more likable to Gu Nianshen.

    "Nobody can bully her." Gu Nianshen rubbed Xiaoyu's head.

    Lin Yiqian thought she sensed something along the lines of adoration from his words.

    "She's so capable." Gu Nianshen added just as Lin Yiqian was about to look at his face.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian chuckled to herself.

    She was overthinking things again.

    "Xiaoyu and I shall not disturb your work meeting," Lin Yiqian said as she pulled Xiaoyu closer to her by his shoulders.

    Lin Yiqian assumed that Gu Nianshen had a work meeting as the group of people he came with consisted of both younger and older people.

    However, she felt that it was very odd for him to bring his employees to a romantic restaurant like this one.

    "Lin Yiqian," Gu Nianshen suddenly called out after she and Xiaoyu had walked away.

    "What's the matter?" She turned around with a confused expression on her face.

    "I might need to have a few drinks. Wait for me here so that we can return home together," Gu Nianshen said, dominantly.
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