190 The Bed Is We

    The three words from Gu Nianshen came off as a little reluctant.

    'When did you speak?' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Lin Yiqian blinked confusedly before recalling that Gu Nianshen had murmured something earlier.

    Her mouth twitched as she rolled her eyes at Gu Nianshen. She could not believe how arrogant he was behaving.

    Lin Yiqian decided not to count on the fellow to make Xiaoyu happy. Even if he knew that Xiaoyu was his biological son, he would probably not treat him with any patience regardless.

    She could pass such a judgment based on how Gu Nianshen had been treating Gu Nianjia since they were children.

    "I'm hanging up now. Go to bed early, okay?" Lin Yiqian finally said.

    "Alright, goodnight Mommy."

    As she did in the past when she was about to hang up over a video call or a phone call with Xiaoyu, she added an endearing phrase. "Night night. Muahhh."


    As if Gu Nianshen had thought of something, he turned to look at Lin Yiqian suspiciously.

    After hanging up the video call with Xiaoyu, Lin Yiqian turned her head to face Gu Nianshen. As their eyes met, she could hear her heart pounding. Why did she feel guilty?

    Although she was unsure of why Gu Nianshen was looking at her suspiciously, she did not ask him about it. Similarly, Gu Nianshen remained silent.

    Lin Yiqian lowered her head as the faint smell of alcohol wafted toward her. She could not help but recall their kiss earlier.

    As she raised her hand, two of her fingers landed on her lips as she gently rubbed against them.

    The sensation that lingered on her lips felt like the taste of honey on her taste buds. Lin Yiqian smiled as she glanced out of the window happily.


    When they arrived home, Lin Yiqian was the first to enter the house, as she always did. She directly walked upstairs to her room.


    Where was her duvet?

    Even the mattress had disappeared.

    Lin Yiqian was about to enquire with one of the servants when Aunt Zhou appeared.

    "Little Yi," Aunt Zhou greeted her.

    Lin Yiqian guessed that Aunt Zhou was here to explain to her about what had happened to her bed.

    "One of the servants accidentally spilled water on your bed when he was cleaning the room," Aunt Zhou explained just as Lin Yiqian as expected.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian's immediate reaction was to wonder why the servant had used a pail to store water. After all, there was a bathroom attached to her bedroom.

    However, there was a possibility that the servant was too lazy to walk around.

    "The servant has already been fired," Aunt Zhou added after observing Lin Yiqian's reaction.

    It was right for one to be punished for one's mistakes. Besides, Lin Yiqian never interfered with the affairs of this household.

    "I understand." Lin Yiqian did not enquire further.

    As she nodded at Aunt Zhou, her gaze landed on her empty bed frame with a helpless pout on her face.

    After taking a shower, she sat at her computer desk. Having hesitated for a while, she finally made up her mind to reach out to Gu Nianshen on Wechat.

    "The bed in my room got wet. I'll sleep in your room for a night." She wrote.

    It was not the first time she slept in his room anyway. There was no reason for her to be shy.

    "Did you pee in the bed?" Gu Nianshen very quickly replied.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    "You did!" Lin Yiqian typed into her phone.

    However, she decided to delete it in the end. "A servant accidentally poured water over it."


    Lin Yiqian checked her phone as soon as a Wechat notification came through. "Don't bother coming over after half-past ten." It was from Gu Nianshen.

    As Lin Yiqian checked the time, she saw that it was half-past nine, which meant she had another hour to work.

    Then, she replied Gu Nianshen with an emoticon that said 'OK'.

    Concerned that she might forget the time, Lin Yiqian set an alarm to go off five minutes before half-past ten. As soon as her alarm rang, she turned her computer off and carried her phone over to Gu Nianshen's room.

    She was able to let herself in as the door was not locked. Although the light outside the room was turned off, the bedroom lights were still on.

    As nervousness took over, Lin Yiqian's footsteps became lighter.
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