197 Embarrassed

    Gu Nianshen looked Lin Yiqian up and down, doubtfully.

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression turned dark.

    What was he trying to say?

    As Lin Yiqian gritted her teeth, she took the clothes out of the salesperson's hands and hurriedly entered the changing room.

    She would prove to the jerk that she could fit into the smallest size.

    Seeing that Lin Yiqian had entered the changing room, the corners of Gu Nianshen's mouth lifted. He then turned to look at the salesperson. "Your top performance award will depend on whether she buys this set of clothes."

    As he finished his sentence, he began walking toward the changing room that Lin Yiqian had entered.

    It was a temporary changing room with foldable curtains. Without announcing his arrival, Gu Nianshen drew the curtains apart and walked into the changing room.

    Surprised by someone entering so suddenly, Lin Yiqian immediately covered her chest with her hands. She was about to shout when she saw that it was Gu Nianshen.

    Although she had let her guard down, she still felt somewhat embarrassed.

    "Why... Why did you come in?" She asked, her face red.

    Her hands will still in front of her chest.

    "To try these clothes on," Gu Nianshen replied as he began to take his clothes off without even looking at Lin Yiqian.

    Seeing that he had removed his shirt shamelessly in front of her, Lin Yiqian was at a loss.

    After Gu Nianshen had put the red t-shirt on, he turned his head around to find that Lin Yiqian was still covering her chest with her hands as she stared at him. "Is the shirt too small?" The corners of his mouth lifted.

    Gu Nianshen raised his brows to accentuate his tone.

    "That's not even remotely possible." Lin Yiqian dropped her hands as her pink bras became fully visible.

    She had flawlessly fair skin.

    Gu Nianshen felt a rush of blood to the head as he immediately turned his gaze away. Then, he took a deep breath before exhaling.

    Once Lin Yiqian had put the clothes on, he instantly drew the curtains open and walked out.

    "The matching couple outfits look as if they were made for you two," the salesperson exclaimed excitedly as soon as Lin Yiqian walked out of the changing room behind Gu Nianshen.

    Lin Yiqian was used to hearing such generic compliments.

    As she shifted her gaze to Gu Nianshen, she wondered to herself if he would refuse to buy the clothes.

    Regardless of whether he liked the clothes or not, Lin Yiqian was more curious about his willingness to wear matching couple outfits.

    "I'll get your clothes packed up," the salesperson said as she quickly went into the changing room to get their clothes.

    Why was this salesperson being so pushy?

    Lin Yiqian frowned confusedly as she glanced at the clothes which Gu Nianshen had removed. "No..."

    However, she realized that Gu Nianshen had not reacted at all.

    Feeling somewhat confused, she turned to look at Gu Nianshen only to find him studying the drawing printed against the front of the shirt with a serious expression on his face.

    He seemed to like it a lot...

    Lin Yiqian cut herself off as she lowered her head to look at the drawing on the front of her shirt.

    A smile appeared on her face.


    The two of them had put on the new clothes before having them washed.

    This was the first time Lin Yiqian had directly put on clothes she just bought.

    In the past, she used to diss Jiang Mo for doing so as she felt that it was extremely disgusting. Never had she thought she would one day do the same.

    After they had gotten into the car, Lin Yiqian could not help but glance at the man next to her on the driver's seat. When she saw the same red-colored fabric she was wearing, she turned to face the window with her hand to her mouth as she did so.

    She could not stop grinning as she continued to think about what they had just done.

    The Song family had a very huge courtyard full of antique decorations as Gu Nianshen's grandmother was fond of historical objects.

    As Lin Yiqian got out of the car, she carried the bag containing the scarf she had bought with both hands. With her eyes on the door to the house, she was feeling somewhat nervous.

    Lin Yiqian was unsure how Gu Nianshen's grandmother would react when they met. However, she was sure that it would not be a positive response.
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