201 I Hope My Cousin Sister Successfully Becomes the Champion

    Song Feifei and her mother approached Lin Yiqian with an air of superiority.

    As Lin Yiqian was about to drink from her cup, she briefly glanced at them before she continued to take a sip of her tea.

    When they were in front of her, she slowly put the cup down as she looked at them with a sad face. "Not at all."

    Lin Yiqian's calm demeanor was perceived as arrogance by Song Feifei. "Even if Brother Shen doesn't help me, I will still become the champion. The chief producer of Super Voice is Sister Xiaxia's classmate from the university. She had already made the arrangements for me. I was only asking Brother Shen for help as an added precaution."

    As soon as she finished her sentence, her mother immediately nodded along. "Yeah. Xiaxia is such a wonderful child."

    "Exactly. Although she is sick, she is still more hardworking than most people. Unlike some people, she doesn't rely on her parents or on men. Some people even take things from others." Song Feifei chipped in.

    Her sarcasm was clearly directed at Lin Yiqian.

    She looked at Lin Yiqian with a disgusted expression on her face.

    "Feifei, don't say too many bad things about her. She's very good at pretending. If she starts complaining to your uncle, you'll be in trouble." Jin Suisui pretended to remind her.

    After finishing her sentence, she glared at Lin Yiqian in disdain.

    Song Feifei raised her chin without fear. "Tsk. I'm not afraid of him. He's a bastard. My grandmother didn't give birth to him. Therefore, he's not really my uncle. My aunt must be crazy to let him take over our family business."

    Originally, Song Feifei's father should have taken over the family business. Everything the Song family owned should have belonged to her family.

    The more Song Feifei thought about it, the more upset she became. As she could not complain about it to Song Changlin, she had no choice but to vent on Lin Yiqian. "Lin Yiqian, you're a joke. Despite placing a bet against my aunt, you still asked for Brother Shen's help. If you hadn't, I don't think you would have been able to get Na Wa to endorse your company's products."

    "Dream on," she added.

    "A woman like you who likes to steal another person's boyfriend should just live with my bastard uncle overseas and never return." As she finished her sentence, she pretended to spit on the ground.

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression had turned cold as she took a step forward in Song Feifei's direction.

    Song Feifei and her mother were both intimidated by her dominant aura. "You... What are you doing?"

    Right then, Grandmother Song's voice could be heard from upstairs. "What are you all doing?"

    Lin Yiqian and Song Feifei were both stunned by her loud voice.

    "She was going to hit..." Song Feifei pointed at Lin Yiqian as she began to complain. However, Lin Yiqian cut her off with a smile. "I was only comparing my height to Song Feifei's."

    After replying to Grandmother Song calmly, she placed a hand over her forehead as she looked at Gu Nianshen who was walking down the staircase. "My head is hurting all of a sudden."

    Lin Yiqian was no longer able to have a meal with these people.

    Gu Nianshen nodded without hesitation. "Alright. Let's go home."

    Lin Yiqian was very glad that he respected her decision.

    As Lin Yiqian's mouth twitched, she turned to face Grandmother Song. "Grandmother, I'll visit again sometime soon."

    After bidding farewell, Lin Yiqian calmly turned around and looked at Song Feifei with a side-eyed glance. "I hope my cousin sister will be the champion."

    The corners of Lin Yiqian's mouth lifted as she calmly walked toward the main entrance.
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