207 Buying A New Mattress Today

    Gu Nianshen started walking toward the dressing room.

    "Why haven't you gone to the office?" Lin Yiqian asked after recollecting herself.

    "It's only eight o'clock," Gu Nianshen answered without turning his head around.

    He sounded as calm as he usually was. In fact, the way he looked at her had not changed at all.

    Could he have forgotten what happened last night after getting too drunk?

    As Lin Yiqian thought to herself, she got out of the bed barefooted as she walked to the door of the changing room. Gu Nianshen was getting changed inside. Coming to a halt, she placed a hand against the doorframe as she stared at him.

    Despite opening her mouth, she did not make a sound.

    Gu Nianshen noticed her odd behavior and began to frown. "What's up with you?"

    "You..." Lin Yiqian began in a soft voice. "Drank too much last night."

    After finishing her sentence, she curled her fingers that were placed against the doorframe.

    "Yeah. Aunt Zhou had told me last night." Gu Nianshen nodded.

    What did he mean by that?

    Did he really forget about what had happened last night after he had gotten drunk?

    Lin Yiqian continued to stare at Gu Nianshen after he had finished changing his clothes and began walking toward her.

    When he was next to Lin Yiqian, he stopped and frowned at her a little. "You have to stop scratching me in your sleep."

    Then, he continued to walk away.

    'Scratching you in my sleep?' Lin Yiqian blinked, confused. She then shifted her gaze to him and noticed two scratch marks across his neck.

    Those were the marks she had left on him the night before!

    However... It was clearly him who had initiated the intense engagement. Was he now blaming her for that?

    What kind of a person was he to forget everything after he had gotten drunk? Fortunately, Lin Yiqian was his wife by legal terms. If he had actually slept with another woman under such circumstances, he might write it off by saying he had forgotten all about it.

    Lin Yiqian could not believe that he had forgotten about their only intimate interaction after they had gotten married. Even more so, she was upset that he was blaming her instead.

    "I will be buying a new mattress today!" She shouted at Gu Nianshen who was about to walk out of the room.

    'I won't scratch you anymore!'

    Then, she stormed into the bathroom.

    When Gu Nianshen heard the loud bang of the bathroom door, he stopped walking as he turned his head around with a wry smile on his face.

    He then proceeded to walk out of the bedroom as he closed the door behind him.

    "Nianshen, are you heading to the office?" Aunt Zhou asked.

    "Yeah." He nodded.

    As he walked past Aunt Zhou, he turned to look at her. "I remember that my mother had brought some bird's nest over a while ago."

    "Yeah. It's all in the refrigerator." Aunt Zhou nodded.

    Gu Nianshen took a quick glance upstairs as he lifted his chin. "Coincidentally, Nianjia is home. She seems to have gotten thinner," he spoke, softly.

    Aunt Zhou was beginning to suspect if there was something wrong with her hearing as she doubted that Gu Nianshen actually cared about his sister.

    However, as if suddenly realizing something, Aunt Zhou began to smile as she nodded. "I understand. I'll boil some tonight. Little Yi seems to be very tired for the past few days. It's about time the two of them received some nutrients."

    "Yeah." Gu Nianshen nodded.

    As he glanced at the second floor, a familiar woman's figure appeared at the top of the flight of stairs. Hurriedly, Gu Nianshen shifted his gaze away as he quickly walked out of the house.


    "Good morning, Chief."

    "Morning!" Gu Nianshen answered as he entered the office and was greeted by one of his employees.

    Several employees began to look around at one another as they stared with their eyes wide open.
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