208 Everybody Is A Dog But Me

    "Did you hear that?"

    "Big boss just said good morning to us."

    "Let me check if the sun had risen from the west."

    The usually cold and distant CEO had actually greeted everyone with a smile in the office.

    This was the weirdest thing to have happened in Mega this year.

    Everyone continued to stare at Gu Nianshen until he walked into his own office.

    "There's a scratch mark on the CEO's neck."

    "It seems that he must have had a good time last night. That explains why he is in such a good mood."


    While Gu Nianshen was busy with work, he noticed that his phone kept ringing with notifications from WeChat.

    The only explanation for the large volume of messages was that people were trying to get his attention in the 'Big Boss' chat group.

    Annoyed, he picked up his phone with a frown. Indeed, just as he thought, the noise had come from messages in WeChat.

    "He is definitely not happy because of something that has happened at work."

    "Wuyue had asked around yesterday. When is Xi Xia being discharged again? Is she returning to the country?"

    "The earliest would be on Friday."

    "What else could have put Gu Nianshen in such a good mood?"

    "Probably Lin Yiqian. I think he's fallen for her after being together for so long."

    As Gu Nianshen opened the group chat room, he skimmed through the messages Li Nanmu and the others had sent.

    They were all analyzing why he was in such a good mood today. However, how did they know that he was in a good mood?

    While Gu Nianshen frowned in confusion, someone tagged him in the group again.

    "???" He replied.

    Seeing that he had appeared, the four men began to type furiously.

    "Nianshen, tell us why you're so happy. Quick!" Li Nanmu began.

    "Yeah, yeah. Tell us, Nianshen." Qin Feng chipped in.

    "How did you know that I am in a good mood?" Gu Nianshen asked.

    "Your assistant Qi Shaodong has posted a status about it. We're just concerned about you." Qi Wuyue replied.

    Then, Qi Wuyue sent a screenshot of Qi Shaodong's status to Gu Nianshen.

    'Boss is in a very good mood today. The office feels warm and cozy.'

    Why had Gu Nianshen not seen this post?

    After Gu Nianshen located Qi Shaodong's WeChat contact, he realized that he could not see Qi Shaodong's posts at all.

    Clearly, Qi Shaodong had limited his posts to certain friends and acquaintances.

    Gu Nianshen's facial expression immediately turned gloomy as he realized his assistant had blocked him from reading his posts.

    In fact, Qi Shaodong had only done this to Gu Nianshen but not his friends.

    Why would he still keep this kind of assistant in his WeChat?

    Upset, Gu Nianshen did not hesitate to delete Qi Shaodong's contact from his WeChat.

    "Everybody is a dog but me." Gu Nianshen wrote in the 'Big Boss' group.

    "???" Qi Wuyue wrote before Li Nanmu and Qin Feng did the same.

    Ignoring the three's identical messages, Gu Nianshen screen locked his phone and put it away.

    Then, he rolled his eyes at the phone before continuing with his work.


    Just as Lin Yiqian was carrying a pile of clothes out of Gu Nianshen's room, Gu Nianshen returned.

    As the two bumped into each other, a faint frown appeared on Gu Nianshen's face as he looked at the clothes in Lin Yiqian's hands.

    "I have moved all my clothes into my room. That'll prevent me from disturbing you any further." Lin Yiqian glared at him.

    Then, she turned away and walked past him.

    Right then, the door to Gu Nianjia's room suddenly opened.

    Gu Nianjia was holding a small bowl of porridge in her hand as she looked at Lin Yiqian. "Kicked out of the room by my brother?" She asked, cheerfully.

    Despite being ignored by Lin Yiqian, Gu Nianjia continued to run after Lin Yiqian. "This is a bowl of bird's nest porridge which my brother had asked Aunt Zhou to make for me. Do you want to try some of it?"
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