209 He Wanted to Have All of Lin Yiqian

    Gu Nianjia held the bowl of porridge in her hands as she showed off to Lin Yiqian.

    'This girl is so immature!' Lin Yiqian thought.

    "I'm not interested in bird's saliva." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    Then, she even tilted her head to one side and shrugged at Gu Nianjia before walking into her room and closing the door behind her.

    Gu Nianjia scooped a spoonful of the porridge into her mouth before as she turned around with her chin raised.

    "This is just the case of sour grapes because Lin Yiqian can't have it. Brother, you are so nice to me." Gu Nianjia leaned closer to Gu Nianshen as she spoke.

    "You seem to be enjoying the bird's saliva Mother had sent over," Gu Nianshen answered, blankly.

    Like Lin Yiqian, he tilted his head to one side as he looked disgustingly at the bowl of porridge in Gu Nianjia's hands.

    Then, he walked hastily into his room.

    Gu Nianjia was speechless.

    As she looked at the porridge in her bowl, she no longer had the appetite to eat it.

    Her brother being nice to her was merely her own imagination.


    As soon as Gu Nianshen woke up, he looked at the space right next to him.

    Seeing how it was empty, he recalled that Lin Yiqian had not slept next to him last night.

    A look of disappointment appeared on his face as he pulled himself closer to the space where Lin Yiqian had slept in for the past two days.

    He suddenly felt a sense of emptiness in his heart.

    Although it had only been a few nights, he had gotten used to having her around.

    Meanwhile, he had never been able to get used to the fact that Lin Yiqian was not in the city for the past five years.

    When he saw her moving her stuff out of his room the day before, he thought he could hold back his emotions as he did before. However, he had clearly overestimated his abilities.

    Once his passion had been ignited, he could no longer be satisfied by their simple interactions day in and day out.

    He wanted Lin Yiqian. He wanted to have all of her.


    In the large dining hall, Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianjia sat across each other at the long dining table. Both of them were occupied by their phones as they ate and neither said a single word to the other.

    Right then, Aunt Zhou walked out of the kitchen with two bowls of porridge as she placed one in front of each of them. "The bird's nest is almost cool enough to eat now. You can finish it right away."

    There were a few pieces of bright bird's nest in the porridge that were made from bird's saliva.

    Gu Nianjia pushed her bowl toward Lin Yiqian disgustedly. "I'm not having any of it. Lin Yiqian can have it all. She's old and needs more nutrients."

    Lin Yiqian could immediately tell what she was thinking.

    "Perhaps your brother has asked Aunt Zhou to prepare this for you," Lin Yiqian said, solemnly.

    Gu Nianjia became even more annoyed at the mention of her brother.

    She directly stood up with the bowl of porridge in her hand and placed it in front of Lin Yiqian. "I have already given it to you. You don't have to thank me."

    "Alright then." Lin Yiqian smiled, helplessly.

    Then, Lin Yiqian scooped a spoonful of porridge into her mouth in a seemingly reluctant manner before smiling cunningly at Gu Nianjia.

    As the porridge was cooked very thoroughly and could easily be swallowed, Lin Yiqian was able to get to the end of the second bowl very quickly. Just as she was about to finish the remaining spoonful of porridge, Gu Nianjia suddenly called her name. "Lin Yiqian."

    "What's up?" Lin Yiqian looked up, confused.

    "When my brother arrives, can you ask him for his red Ferrari on my behalf? I'm going to Binhai TV to support Song Feifei. If I bring a lousy car with me, she'll make fun of me."

    Song Feifei had already shown off the fact that she made it to Super Voice's grand finale. Gu Nianjia definitely did not want to lose to her in terms of materialistic possessions.

    As such, Gu Nianjia had even taken the purse her goddess had given her out of the safe.
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