211 Having Green Hair Without A Boyfriend

    Clearly, Gu Nianjia was pointing out that there was something wrong with Song Feifei's hairstyle. Subconsciously, Song Feifei raised her hands to touch her hair.

    "What do you mean?" Song Feifei asked as she carefully examined her reflection in the mirror.

    She could not quite tell what was wrong with her hairstyle.

    "You don't have a boyfriend yet but your hair is already green." Gu Nianjia tugged at a handful of hair on Song Feifei's head that had been dyed green. "This is superstitiously bad in Chinese beliefs. It could make your future boyfriend might cheat on you."

    Anyone would be upset when they heard what Gu Nianjia had said. "Gu Nianjia, do you even know how to carry a conversation?"

    However, despite her being annoyed, Song Feifei was still more concerned about her hairstyle. For a long while, she continued to examine her highlighted green hair.

    Regardless of how long she looked at it, it still seemed annoying to her.

    "What have you done to my hair? Change it." She finally barked at her stylist as she sat down in front of the mirror in a huff.

    Under her unyielding request, her stylist finally sprayed the green parts of her hair black.

    Once it was completed, Song Feifei turned around to look at Gu Nianjia. "Is it alright now?"

    "Yeah. It looks much better." Gu Nianjia said with a nod after pretending to examine Song Feifei's hair carefully.

    As Gu Nianjia spoke, she continued to swing her car keys around on her finger.

    Finally, it caught Song Feifei's attention. "Jiajia, did you come in a Bugatti?"

    Song Feifei snatched the car keys away from Gu Nianjia as she carefully looked at it.


    "Yeah," Gu Nianjia said with her back straightened on purpose.

    Her calm response seemed to express her thought that Song Feifei had never even seen a Bugatti.

    Song Feifei immediately became jealous. "You must have rented it. How could your brother possibly let you drive his Bugatti?"

    Song Feifei threw a suspicious glance at Gu Nianjia as she held the car keys in her hand.

    "I'm not the kind of person who would fake such a thing. I can't even think of doing something as embarrassing as renting a car." Gu Nianjia frowned.

    'If you could think of it, you probably would have done it before.' She thought.

    Annoyed that Song Feifei had snatched her car keys, Gu Nianjia glared at her yet again. "I am Gu Nianshen's biological sister, and also the Gu family's only daughter. A car worth dozens of millions is nothing to me." Gu Nianjia added, proudly.

    Song Feifei and her mother both felt insulted.

    "Jiajia is such a lucky child. She doesn't need to worry about anything. Even if she fails all her subjects, she could still get into any university she wants. Our Feifei is less fortunate and has to work hard for herself," Song Feifei's mother said with a fake smile.

    It was obviously a sarcastic comment directed at Gu Nianjia, pointing out the fact that she was not academically-inclined while Song Feifei was a hardworking child.

    Nearly driven to the point of madness, Gu Nianjia rolled her eyes at Song Feifei's mother. "Yeah, yeah. Sister Feifei is the best."

    'Are you happy now?' Gu Nianjia thought.

    Gu Nianjia could not be bothered to deal with the two women any longer. "I'm going to wait out front. Sister Feifei, all the best." She remarked insincerely before turning around and leaving the room.

    As Gu Nianjia was still very upset, her heavy footsteps reflected it.

    "She's only driving a Bugatti. After I become the champion, I'll definitely show off to her, too," Song Feifei said through gritted teeth.
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