212 Exploding Eardrums

    "Feifei, you must perform well to show your aunt how capable you are and how hard you have worked. That's the only way you can help your brother fight against Song Changlin. Nianjia has always been an arrogant snob since she was a child. She doesn't even respect me as her aunt," Song Feifei's mother said with a heavy sigh.

    "She's useless. I can take her boyfriend away from her if I wanted. How could she possibly compare to me?" Song Feifei snorted.

    Seeing how confident Song Feifei appeared, her mother began to relax.


    Having kept her temper under control, Gu Nianjia finally made it to the viewing hall and found her seat on the first row.

    From her position, she could clearly see the four judges on stage.

    They were all experienced and well-respected musicians in the industry.

    As Gu Nianjia looked around the venue, she saw that Song Feifei's mother had arrived.

    Their seats were very close together and Gu Nianjia was able to see her holding a large bouquet of flowers.

    As soon as Song Feifei's mother sat down, she handed the flowers over to Gu Nianjia. "Jiajia, give Feifei these flowers later."

    "Aunt, why don't you do it yourself?" Gu Nianjia asked, immediately.

    "Look, child. I'm too old to pretend to be one of her fans." Song Feifei's mother chuckled.

    "Are you asking me to pretend to be one of Feifei's fans to give her these flowers?" Gu Nianjia said with a frown.

    Gu Nianjia was definitely not going to do such an embarrassing thing.

    "Jiajia, be a good girl. Your grandmother is very worried about Feifei's competition today. She has even insisted to come today. I told her that you and I will be here to support her which was why she finally relented." Song Feifei's mother said, politely.

    'Hehe...' Gu Nianjia chuckled in her mind.

    Song Feifei's mother was actually using Gu Nianjia's grandmother to emotionally blackmail her.

    As Gu Nianjia gritted her teeth, she reluctantly accepted the flowers from Song Feifei's mother. "I understand."

    Now, she was even more desperate in hoping that Song Feifei did not become the champion.

    If only she had known this would happen, she would have prayed at home by burning incense.

    Only four people made it into the grand finale. Out of the four contestants, a champion, a first-runner up, and a second-runner up would be chosen. This also meant that one person would be eliminated.

    Most of the members of the audience who sat behind Gu Nianjia were holding boards with Song Feifei's name on them.

    When it was time for Song Feifei to go on stage, her supporters waved their glowing sticks fervently in the air.

    As Song Feifei held the microphone, she stepped confidently on stage to introduce herself. "I am Song Feifei, contestant number three, and I come from Shanghai. Today, I am going to sing a song called 'Waiting' by the international superstar, Catwoman.

    When the crowd heard that she was going to sing Catwoman's song, they went wild with cheers.

    "Oh god. Song Feifei actually has the courage to challenge Catwoman's song."

    "Catwoman's 'Waiting' is sung with a slightly raspy voice. Coincidentally, Song Feifei has a raspy voice."

    "Based on her capabilities, she should be able to perform the song well."

    'Crappy capabilities.' Gu Nianjia thought.

    When Gu Nianjia heard how the people behind her were expressing their firm belief in Song Feifei, she felt the urge to turn around and spit at them.

    Whilst Catwoman's voice was a gift from heaven, Song Feifei's voice resembled that of an old male duck's voice. How could they possibly be compared to one another?

    Meanwhile, Song Feifei had already begun singing on stage.

    Gu Nianjia's annoyed expression remained on her face until Song Feifei finished singing the entire song.

    "Feifei, you are the first person to give me goosebumps by singing one of Catwoman's songs. I feel as if my soul had been touched."

    "This kid is amazing."

    The four judges began to compliment Song Feifei for the song 'Waiting' which she had just sung.

    Gu Nianjia, on the other hand, felt that her eardrums were about to explode.

    'Darn it. These judges must have been hired by Song Feifei and her mother. How could Song Feifei's horrible singing be considered amazing?' Gu Nianjia wondered to herself.
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