213 Could They Actually Change the Format?

    If Song Feifei were not her biological cousin, Gu Nianjia would have gone on stage to stop her as soon as she began singing.

    By now, all four contestants had already completed their songs and were waiting for the votes to be counted.

    As Gu Nianjia continued to stare at the numbers on the screens which continued to increase, Song Feifei's votes alternated between the first and second place.

    Next to Gu Nianjia, Song Feifei's mother was holding tightly onto the armrest as her eyes remained wide open while she stared at the screen.

    Finally, the countdown began for the voting to be closed. "Three, two, one, the end."

    Once the number of votes stopped changing, it could be seen that Meng Ziting was in the first place with over three million votes, with ninety votes more than Song Feifei.

    Although Song Feifei's mother seemed panicked, Song Feifei remained calm as she looked at her number of votes and her placing.

    Gu Nianjia was somewhat disappointed with Song Feifei's reaction.

    This was very out of character for Song Feifei as she would not have been able to accept defeat this graciously.

    While she remained confused, the host walked onto the stage. "The votes which have appeared on the screen are the votes from the general audience. Now, Meng Ziting is in the lead. Can we please ask our four judges to vote for the best singer in their opinion? Every vote from our judges will be equivalent to fifty votes of the general audience."

    That explained why Song Feifei did not seem concerned at all.

    Gu Nianjia suspected that she had already bribed the four judges. With fifty votes each, Song Feifei would become the champion even if only three of the judges voted for her.

    It was without a shadow of doubt that the outcome was pre-determined.

    As Gu Nianjia thought of this, her shoulders drooped in disappointment as she pouted.

    If Song Feifei became the champion, she would brag about it to Gu Nianjia for a year. In fact, she may even do so for the rest of Gu Nianjia's life.

    Gu Nianjia would even have to give her flowers on stage.

    As she thought of this, Song Feifei's mother leaned in closer to Gu Nianjia. "Jiajia, get ready to give your cousin the flowers. You must appear very excited, alright?"

    Gu Nianjia was speechless.

    She would try very hard to refrain herself from throwing the flowers at Song Feifei's face.

    "Wait a minute." Just as the judges had made up their minds and the host was about to announce the results, he was suddenly interrupted by a staff member who had run on stage.

    Seeing the sudden interruption, the audience began to feel nervous.

    They were all curious about what had happened.

    As the staff member stood next to the host, he whispered into the host's ear. Meanwhile, the host seemed to be nodding furiously.

    After the staff member had finished speaking, the host put down the tablet in his hand and began to apologize to the audience. "I'm very sorry, everyone. I have just been informed that the producers decided to cancel the judges' voting for fairness' sake."

    Holy crap!

    Could they actually change the format?

    Gu Nianjia's eyes began to gleam as a smile appeared on her face.

    With her back straightened, she looked toward the stage, joyfully.

    "Why?" Song Feifei barked.

    "What right do you have to cancel our right to vote as judges?" All four judges stood up and began to retaliate.

    They were all very unhappy with the decision.

    "In this way, all votes will be from the public. It is fair," the host responded.

    "You have broken the rules of the show. That's not fair," Song Feifei exclaimed.

    "That's right. We refuse to accept this."


    A group of Song Feifei's supporters began to protest behind Gu Nianjia as they all stood up.

    Meanwhile, the supporters of the other contestants remained silent as their votes were very far below the first and second place. Moreover, they were all true fans.

    With a group of supporters protesting, the recording of the show could not be continued. Suddenly, the staff member from before went up the stage yet again to speak to the host.
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