214 Goddess, I Like You Very Much

    The host nodded before returning to the center of the stage. "Since you are not happy with this decision, and would like to insist on judges being able to vote, let us be fair by inviting an even more well-respected judge to join us."

    As of now, the four judges on stage were already very famous within the industry. Besides, the show itself was a very normal competition. They could not possibly have invited an international superstar to the show.

    Everyone was filled with curiosity as to who the well-respected judge might be.

    Right then, the lights in the recording hall suddenly dimmed. As soon as everyone lifted their heads, a tall and slender figure began to walk onto the stage from a hidden corner next to the stage.

    When everyone saw the shining mask being worn by the woman, the crowd went wild.

    "Is something wrong with my eyes?"

    "It's Catwoman!" Gu Nianjia stood up excitedly as she began screaming at the top of her lungs.

    Although everyone could recognize Catwoman's mask and her figure, they could not believe that she would show up here.

    It was ridiculous.

    "This must be someone impersonating Catwoman," someone suggested.

    Gu Nianjia's body was shaking from excitement.

    Right then, the host began to speak. "Catwoman has decided to be part of our show. She will be the biggest investor in the next season of Super Voice. Today, she will be giving out the prize to the champion."

    As it was the first time the host had met Catwoman in person, his voice sounded somewhat shaky.

    When the host ascertained that the woman was indeed Catwoman, everyone in the audience stood up.

    As the producing team had expected this to happen, dozens of security guards were requested to enter the hall through several doors to maintain order within the building.

    "I... Am I really seeing the goddess herself?" Gu Nianjia exclaimed in disbelief as she stared at Catwoman, blankly.

    As Gu Nianjia was positioned very close to the stage, Lin Yiqian could spot her right away.

    "Pretty girl, are you my fan?" Lin Yiqian could not resist but ask.

    "Are the flowers for me?" She then pointed at the flowers in Gu Nianjia's hands.

    Gu Nianjia was still in a state of shock to realize that her goddess was speaking to her.

    Looking from left to right, Gu Nianjia realized that she was the only person holding flowers.

    'Oh, mama.' She thought. Catwoman was speaking to her.

    Gu Nianjia was at a loss as to what to say. She was so nervous that nothing came out of her mouth.

    "She is my fan." Song Feifei suddenly exclaimed.

    Then, Song Feifei turned her head around to look at Lin Yiqian proudly.

    "No.... No, no, no. I am not her fan. I am your fan." Gu Nianjia shook her head fervently.

    She was tongue-tied.

    As her lips trembled, Gu Nianjia raised the flowers in her hands and stretched them out to Lin Yiqian who was disguised as Catwoman. "These flowers are for you."

    As Gu Nianjia stepped forward, a security guard stopped her in her tracks.

    'This silly child!' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Beneath the mask, Lin Yiqian was looking at Gu Nianjia lovingly as she began to approach her.

    Seeing that Catwoman was walking toward Gu Nianjia, the security guard who was closest to Gu Nianjia decided to let her go.

    As Gu Nianjia looked at Catwoman up close, her eyes began to fill with tears.

    "Goddess, I like you very much."

    In the past, Gu Nianjia had always thought the fans were brain-damaged for crying when they met their idols. However, she now knew that such emotions were out of her control.
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