215 Absolute Bliss

    "Good girl." Lin Yiqian accepted the flowers from Gu Nianjia with one hand while she petted her head with the other.

    Gu Nianjia was feeling an absolute sense of bliss.

    While tears began to fill Gu Nianjia's eyes, she hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands to hold her breath so that she would not cry.

    Countless pairs of eyes were locked onto her with jealousy.

    If they had known Catwoman would be here, they would have sat at the front row with flowers so that she would call them out. They were willing to spend as much as was necessary to buy the tickets to the front row seats.

    It was such a blessing!

    However, Song Feifei and her mother were both extremely upset as they stared at Gu Nianjia with gritted teeth. Song Feifei, in particular, wished she could tear Gu Nianjia apart with her bare hands.

    Gu Nianjia had embarrassed Song Feifei in front of everyone by giving the flowers meant for her to Catwoman.

    It was an obvious act of disservice to her reputation.

    Song Feifei made a mental note to teach Gu Nianjia a lesson for being dim-witted.

    Seeing how Gu Nianjia was losing control of her emotions, Lin Yiqian was having mixed feelings. "Go back to your seat," she said to Gu Nianjia, gently.

    "Alright." Gu Nianjia nodded her head obediently.

    As she continued to cover her mouth, she quietly returned to her seat.

    "Nianjia, the flowers were meant for Feifei. Why did you give them away at such a crucial moment?" Song Feifei's mother questioned, angrily.

    By then, Gu Nianjia had recollected herself and was rubbing her eyes. "Didn't you say that I should give them to Sister Feifei if she became the champion? However, she didn't become the champion. That's why I gave the flowers to my goddess," Gu Nianjia replied, innocently.

    'Your daughter has failed to win the contest. How is it my fault?'

    Song Feifei's mother nearly choked when she heard Gu Nianjia's reply.

    As they were out in public, she had no choice but to restrain herself from expressing her anger.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian had shifted her gaze away from Gu Nianjia and was returning to the center of the stage. "I have been sitting down there this whole time and I have listened to each of your performances," she said as she looked at the contestants.

    After a very general comment, she began to perform her duties as a judge. "I think that contestant number one, Meng Ziting, has a very soulful voice. In terms of executing the ending notes with an increased pitching, I think she is much more professional and has clearly worked very hard in her craft."

    Meng Ziting was a nineteen-year-old university student who was not very tall but looked like a sweet girl.

    Having received Catwoman's words of praise, tears began to fill her eyes. As she covered her mouth, she bowed to Lin Yiqian several times. "Thank you, Catwoman."

    Lin Yiqian smiled at her before turning to look at Song Feifei who had the second-largest count of votes. "Contestant number two, Song Feifei."

    Lin Yiqian had pronounced Feifei's name in a way that made it sound as if she were fat, which instantly annoyed Song Feifei.

    "It's Song Feifei." The host reminded Lin Yiqian, awkwardly.

    "My apologies. My Chinese isn't very good." Lin Yiqian nodded at Song Feifei with an apologetic look.

    When she spoke again, she still pronounced Song Feifei's name in the wrong way. "Contestant number two, Song Feifei, does not have a voice which works well for the song 'Waiting'. It was too dramatic and lacked a clear tone."

    In that instant, Lin Yiqian nearly wanted to refer to her voice as resembling an old male duck, just as Gu Nianjia had mentioned.

    Her straightforward comment made everyone immediately feel awkward, especially Song Feifei. She looked very upset and had a very stiff expression on her face as if she had been injected with far too much botox.

    Then, Lin Yiqian turned to look at the other judges with a wry smile. "I wonder how the lot of you could have said she sounded good."

    The judges all seemed offended as their comments on a contestant's performance was being questioned.

    "That's your song. You definitely won't think that anyone can sing it better than yourself."
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