216 Some Things Require Talen

    The person who had spoken was Xu Guojin, the oldest person among the judges. When Lin Yiqian was still a child, his song was played almost everywhere.

    Xu Guojin was staring at Lin Yiqian, angrily.

    "Teacher, are you saying that I'm offended by someone else who has sung my song?" Lin Yiqian replied, calmly with a smile.

    As she was wearing a mask, the only part of her face that was visible was her dark blue eyes.

    Right then, the judges could tell that she was being sarcastic just by looking at her eyes.

    "Do you deny it?" Xu Guojin asked with a snort.

    "I very much welcome someone who is capable to present my song on stage. However, I do mind when someone who absolutely does not understand music uses my song to gain popularity. In fact, I am appalled by people who are unprofessional and unethical yet still criticize my song."

    Lin Yiqian was no longer smiling as she spoke.

    It was a direct comment that hinted that the judges were being unprofessional and unethical.

    The audience off stage gasped in surprise. As the director of the show noticed that the situation was spiraling out of control, he had already terminated the live broadcast.

    The judges all seemed upset as they pointed their fingers at Lin Yqiian. "Although you are well-known, you can't be disrespectful to your elders. When we first started out in this industry, you might not have even been born."

    The corners of Lin Yiqian's mouth curled up. "Some things require talent. It can't be measured with time."

    She then gave the group of judges the side-eye before raising her chin proudly.

    As a musician who has had over two decades of experience in the industry, Xu Guojin was now being insulted by a younger person who claimed he had no natural talent.

    This was clearly a challenging remark.

    "I have just realized that the world-famous Catwoman is such an arrogant person. Just because you have a good voice and can sing a few songs, you think you can fool around in front of your elders. Do you think we have no clue about how young kids like you play dirty in this industry?" Xu Guojin snorted.

    "Yeah, you think you are very talented and capable. To be honest, you are only relying on your good looks." Another female judge chipped in.

    Everyone in the audience had their jaws dropped as they heard what the experienced judges were saying.

    They could not believe that these judges who had always appeared prominent on-screen would actually speak so meanly toward a younger person.

    Many of Catwoman's fans present were beginning to feel annoyed.

    In particular, Gu Nianjia, who was one of Catwoman's biggest fans, could not hold herself back any longer. She immediately stood up and pointed her finger at the female judge. "I won't allow you to talk about my goddess in such a way. She is capable. Capable!"

    Gu Nianjia shouted the last few words at the top of her lungs.

    Even Lin Yiqian was shocked by her loud voice. As her eyes drifted over to Gu Nianjia, the girl almost looked like an angry lion who was now glaring at the judges.

    Gu Nianjia looked almost like Lin Yiqian when she used to defend her chocolates as a child.

    'This silly girl!' Lin Yiqian thought.

    She was concerned that Gu Nianjia would hurt her throat from shouting so loudly.

    As Lin Yiqian looked at Gu Nianjia, she began to frown with concern.

    Lin Yiqian wished she could give Gu Nianjia a bottle of water.

    Meanwhile, the judges were now looking at Gu Nianjia in a condescending way. "Young singers these days can only rely on young fans like you who steal money from your parents."

    Were they accusing Gu Nianjia of stealing money from her parents?

    That sounded almost like a joke to her.

    As Gu Nianjia laughed with her hands by her waist, she began to retrieve her car keys from her pocket as she flung it around on her finger. "Old man, take a good look. I came here in a Bugatti Veyron. Do you think I need to steal money at home?"
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