217 Better Than Those Who Forsake Professionalism For Money

    Lin Yiqian placed a hand over her forehead.

    Was this simple way of showing off wealth part of their family's genetics?

    Why did Gu Nianjia not just tell everyone that she was Gu Nianshen's sister? Was she so easily satisfied that driving a Bugatti was enough to show off her wealth?

    As a result of Gu Nianjia's show of wealth, everyone merely thought of her as a rich person's child who was crazy about her idol.

    "You are only showing off with your parents' money," the female judge snorted.

    Gu Nianjia had always been a spoiled brat since she was a child. Therefore, she would always speak her mind without thinking it through.

    "It's still better than you lot who forgo professionalism for the sake of money. If you had not taken money from Feifei, why would you say that she had sung well..."

    By the time Gu Nianjia realized what she had said, it was already too late.

    "Gu Nianjia, what do you mean by that?" Song Feifei's mother stood up and pointed at her while shouting out, loudly.

    Gu Nianjia was taken aback by Song Feifei's mother who looked and sounded equally fierce.

    "Aunt, I... I didn't mean it," Gu Nianjia retorted with a lowered voice.

    Clearly, she had accused the judges of accepting bribery.

    Naturally, they would not let Gu Nianjia insult them without standing up for themselves. "Young lady, do you know that you could go to jail for making such false accusations without proof?"

    The idea had been concocted in Gu Nianjia's mind alone without any solid proof.

    Since Gu Nianjia had always been protected, she never had to experience something like this before. Hence, she did not have a clue as to how to solve it. When she heard that she could go to jail, she immediately panicked. "I didn't make it up, I..."

    Seeing that Gu Nianjia had been intimidated, Song Feifei's mother chipped in. "Everyone heard what you said. It's all been recorded as well. I'm going to show the clip to your mother and see how she'll resolve this."

    "I..." Gu Nianjia's mouth was wide open. Before she could say anything else, Song Feifei interrupted her on stage. "Gu Nianjia, nevermind that you are jealous of me. How dare you defame me like that?"

    If they were not in public, Song Feifei would have stabbed Gu Nianjia with a knife.

    Gu Nianjia must have done it on purpose.

    "I'm not defaming you." Gu Nianjia's eyes began to fill with tears.

    She lowered her head like a child who had done wrong.

    Lin Yiqian clenched her fists tightly as she held her breath.

    "I think you are all bullying a child because you can't do it to anyone else." Lin Yiqian raised her voice.

    Then, she snorted sarcastically before turning to face the judges. "My vote goes to Meng Ziting. It will not be challenged," she said, firmly.

    However, the judges would not give in. "We have signed a contract with Super Voice. The judges have the right to vote. If you revoke our right, it will be a violation against the contract."

    One of the judges angrily slammed his microphone on the table.

    As the four judges began to shout angrily, Song Feifei's fans offstage began to cause a scene as well.

    The producers of the show and the directors of the broadcasting station immediately rushed over.

    "Super Voice is a fair competition. Since there are people who disagree with our method of voting, let's hand it over to the general audience," the chief director of Binhai TV said.

    With a smile, he nodded at Lin Yiqian. "Miss Catwoman, I have personally discussed with the vice director as well as the producers of the show and we have come up with a solution. We will setup an online voting system as well as a live feed so that all judges can garner support for their chosen contestants. The contestant with the highest vote will win. What do you think?"
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