218 They Will Pay For Bullying Her Husband’s Sister

    Compared to the four judges, the producers were more unwilling to offend Catwoman who was a very capable and attention-drawing international celebrity.

    However, they would still need to prevent negative press.

    "I wonder if the judges are brave enough to accept this method," Lin Yiqian said with her chin raised.

    The broadcasting director immediately responded, "Since Miss Catwoman has already agreed, I believe the remaining four judges should not have a problem with it."

    The other judges were left speechless by his remark.

    If they disagreed, it would appear as if they were unwilling to concede and therefore raise suspicion in regards to their integrity. Therefore, they had no choice but to accept the challenge.

    There were only ten minutes for the voting process.

    Song Feifei ran off the stage. "Mother, where's my phone? Hurry up, I need to ask Xiaxia to help me out in getting more votes."

    As she snatched the phone away from her mother, Song Feifei immediately started making the call. Right then, noticing Gu Nianjia who was nearby, she gritted her teeth before charging over to Gu Nianjia. With her fingers around Gu Nianjia's arm, she pulled her out of her seat and shoved her away. "Get lost, traitor."

    Gu Nianjia nearly fell down as she stumbled backward.

    "You..." Gu Nianjia was about to yell at Song Feifei. However, she recalled the threat Song Feifei's mother had directed at her and decided to keep her mouth shut.

    Her mother and grandmother both favored Feifei. If they found out that she had worked with other people against Feifei, they would be mad at her.

    As Gu Nianjia thought of this, she let go of her clenched fists before turning around and walking away reluctantly.

    Without looking at Gu Nianjia, Song Feifei sat on her seat as she shivered nervously.

    Meanwhile, her mother tried to console her. "Don't worry. Xiaxia designs clothes for the biggest celebrities in the country. With her connections, I'm sure you can win in spite of Catwoman."

    While Lin Yiqian remained seated on one of the VIP seats, her eyes glowered in anger when she saw how Song Feifei had shoved Gu Nianjia away.

    Her eyes followed after Gu Nianjia who had walked out of the recording hall before returning to Song Feifei and her mother.

    They would have to pay for bullying her husband's sister.


    Within five minutes, several famous celebrities in the country had shared a post to rally support for Song Feifei. Binhai TV was now the most viewed program provider in the country. All their shows would draw a lot of attention and most of these famous celebrities had cooperated with the company in the past.

    Therefore, with their help sharing the post, it was akin to killing two birds with one stone.

    While Song Feifei's votes were refreshed, she was able to acquire 150,000 votes at the six-minute mark.

    For the time being, she was still leading.

    However, by the seventh minute, the number of votes for Meng Ziting suddenly skyrocketed. When her votes reached 500,000, the host was so shocked that his voice cracked. "Meng Ziting now has 500,000 votes, 680,000 votes, 930,000 votes."

    Everyone became increasingly excited as the host's voice became louder and louder.

    At one point, everyone stared at the number of votes for Meng Ziting in shock.

    "Oh my god, it's over 1,000,000 now..." The host screamed as he nearly dropped his microphone.

    Song Feifei and her mother gawked at the screen as they remained seated.

    They could not believe what they were seeing.

    There were only ten seconds left.

    Ten... Nine... Three... Two... One...

    When the time was up, the voting system immediately shut down.

    Meng Ziting's number of votes was fixed at 1,143,100, while Song Feifei was only at around 200,000. Song Feifei was not even close to beating Meng Ziting.

    However, the focus was no longer on who won the competition but the fact that Catwoman could get over one million votes from her supporters in only ten minutes.
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