219 Huge Gap In Votes

    Even with the help of the four judges and several famous celebrities, Song Feifei could only acquire 200,000 votes.

    Everyone was amazed by Catwoman's level of influence as most of the normal celebrities in the country could not even compare to her.

    It was a significant difference in levels of fame.

    When the judges saw the results, their faces turned red in embarrassment and all of them wished to leave immediately.

    Right then, everyone was looking at the mysterious woman with the cat-mask on, regardless of whether these people sat in front of their televisions at home or if they were present at the venue.

    Meanwhile, Catwoman herself calmly sat on her seat with a focused gaze in her eyes.

    It appeared as if she had already expected this to happen.

    She exuded a kind of confidence that only a king would, and it was not something a normal person could imitate.

    "Now that the results have been finalized, let us congratulate Meng Ziting for winning this season's Super Voice," the host announced as he stood next to the contestants.

    "You have violated the rules. This show is trash. I'm not playing this anymore." Song Feifei dropped her microphone and stomped off.

    The members of the audience were all shocked by her demeanor.

    Out of all the shows they have been to, they had never seen a more sore loser than Song Feifei. Most other contestants would only cry in sadness if they had lost.

    As Lin Yiqian looked at Song Feifei while she walked away angrily, she smiled.

    Then, she stopped leaning her chin against her hand as she stood up slowly and gracefully.


    Seeing how Song Feifei had stomped off, her mother hurriedly followed after her.

    The two were equally upset at the results as neither of them had expected this to happen. In fact, they had been very certain about winning and had even arranged for their celebratory party. Now that Song Feifei had failed to become the champion, they would have to cancel it and embarrass themselves in the process.

    Since their purses were locked in the changing room, they had to go back to the room. As Song Feifei looked into the mirror and saw how well-dressed she appeared, she lifted a chair up and flung it against the mirror to blow off steam.

    As the mirror broke into pieces, loud clanging sounds could be heard.

    Worried that Song Feifei might injure herself, her mother pulled her aside. "Feifei, calm down."

    "Did you hear that Catwoman was going to come? Why did she appear out of the blue?" Song Feifei's mother was equally annoyed.

    "How am I supposed to know that she would appear? She must have been bored from eating too much at home." Song Feifei fumed.

    "Apart from a few of her well-known songs, she doesn't have any new releases. I bet she must have used up all her talent and could no longer sustain her career in America," Song Feifei's mother said through gritted teeth.

    She was saying this to console Song Feifei.

    She knew that Song Feifei must hate Catwoman thoroughly.

    "I'm so upset... Arghh..." Song Feifei scratched her head so furiously that her hairdo was completely messed up.

    Seeing how mad Song Feifei had become, Gu Nianjia remained silent while she hid behind a rack of clothes.

    She had returned to the changing room to get her purse as everyone was forbidden from bringing their bags and purses into the recording hall.

    If only she had known this would happen, she would have left the purse her goddess gave her in the car.

    Gu Nianjia made a mental note to be more careful about bragging in the future.

    However, the thing which she feared most still happened.

    "Gu Nianjia?" Song Feifei suddenly called out.

    "Sister Feifei." Gu Nianjia immediately stood up and showed herself.

    She was still smiling as she did so.

    Without saying anything, Song Feifei immediately grabbed Gu Nianjia by her collars. "Gu Nianjia, you traitor. Do you still consider me as your older sister?"

    Likewise, Song Feifei's mother felt the urge to hurt Gu Nianjia. She was only holding herself back because she had more common sense.
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