220 Arent You Good At Bullying Your Sister-in-law?

    "For god's sake, your grandmother loves you so much. I trusted you and have even let you give the flowers to Feifei," Song Feifei's mother exclaimed.

    "But now, you've defamed me by saying that I have bribed the judges. It's all over the internet now. Just you wait for the summons from the court," Song Feifei said through gritted teeth as she pushed Gu Nianjia away.

    As Gu Nianjian stumbled backward, she bumped into the table and felt a sharp pain in her body.

    Although she was angry, she dared not fight against the pair of mother and daughter.

    "You'd better send the summons to my office." A familiar man's voice suddenly came from the door.

    Song Feifei and her mother looked horrified while Gu Nianjia's eyes gleamed in surprise as she turned to look in the direction of the door.

    Gu Nianjia suddenly realized how big and tall her brother seemed. In that moment, she felt a great sense of assurance.

    "Brother." She immediately ran toward him.

    With her arm around his, she suddenly seemed more confident as she faced Song Feifei and her mother.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen lowered his gaze and glared at Gu Nianjia in annoyance.

    Was this how weaker individuals behaved when they finally acquired a powerful superior?

    Just a few moments ago, Gu Nianjia was nearly in tears from being bullied by the two women.

    "Nianshen," Song Feifei's mother called out with concern. She was certain that Gu Nianshen must have seen how Song Feifei pushed Gu Nianjia a while ago.

    Now, she was trying her best to greet Gu Nianshen with a polite smile.

    However, Gu Nianshen ignored her, completely.

    Although Song Feifei was wary of Gu Nianshen, she was still upset and hoped that Gu Nianshen would stand on her side. "Brother Shen, you have no idea how she had defamed me during the live recording. She actually said that I have bribed the judges." Song Feifei fumed as she recalled the incident.

    "Are you sure it was a false accusation?" Gu Nianshen snorted as he raised his brows.

    As he stared into her eyes, she felt as if he could see right through her.

    Song Feifei instantly lost her will to challenge his words.

    "Nianshen," Song Feifei's mother called out. "Feifei is your cousin. Even if Nianjia doesn't like her, she shouldn't bully your cousin by supporting outsiders."

    "The old men and women were scolding my goddess. They said terrible things." Gu Nianjia pouted as she raised her chin.

    She seemed like a completely different person from a moment ago when she was as timid as a mouse.

    "Why would you still care about your goddess? If you support an outsider during such circumstances, that makes you a traitor." Song Feifei fumed yet again.

    Gu Nianshen had lost his patience. "I will wait for the summons from the court. Meanwhile, I will also investigate the matter on behalf of Miss Song as you are my mother's niece."

    Then, he pulled Gu Nianjia out of the room.

    Even after they had walked out, Gu Nianjia was still holding onto Gu Nianshen's arm tightly.

    "Aren't you usually good at bullying your sister-in-law?" Gu Nianshen said as he drew his hand away from Gu Nianjia.

    "But I have never won," Gu Nianjia replied, softly with a pout.

    "Goddess!" Gu Nianjia called out.

    When Lin Yiqian heard about how Gu Nianjia was being bullied by Song Feifei and her mother, she immediately rushed over.

    However, she did not expect to bump into Gu Nianshen and Gu Nianjia at the same time.

    A while ago, Lin Yiqian had planned to sneak off. However, when she heard what Gu Nianshen had asked Gu Nianjia, she succumbed to her curiosity and decided to stay put.

    Unfortunately, Gu Nianjia was able to spot her immediately.

    Feeling helpless, Lin Yiqian decided to greet them with a smile.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianjia ran over excitedly to Lin Yiqian as she proudly showed off her purse. "Goddess, this is the purse that you have personally given to me as a gift from the lucky draw. Do you still remember it?"
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