222 My Sister-in-law Is A Little Slutty

    Lin Yiqian was well aware that Gu Nianshen had definitely bought stuff for someone. In fact, he put in a lot of thought into his gifts.

    'Young man, are you buying this bracelet for someone you admire?'


    Lin Yiqian could never forget how shy Gu Nianshen appeared to be in the mirror when he nodded at the salesperson.

    It was an expression she had never seen on Gu Nianshen's face in the past.

    Moreover, she had also found out that Gu Nianshen had bought the Blue Whale during LY's event. He had probably given it to Xi Xia.

    It was also possible that he was waiting for Xi Xia to be discharged from the hospital before giving it to her as a surprise.

    While Lin Yiqian was immersed in her wild thoughts, Gu Nianjia gave her a serious response. "Anyway, I have never seen him buying anything for Sister Xia Xia despite how much everyone claimed that he liked her. In my opinion, he probably felt grateful for her. I have never seen him being intimate with Sister Xia Xia. In fact, I have never seen him spending the night with Sister Xia Xia at home.

    "It might be due to Sister Xia Xia's medical condition which prevents them from being involved physically. However, Sister Xia Xia does not look as attractive as my sister-in-law. Besides, she is very nice to Song Feifei. I don't like that," Gu Nianjia continued after taking a deep breath.

    Her reasons for liking or disliking someone were very naive.

    "However, my sister-in-law is a little slutty. She has played with my youngest uncle's feelings and hurt him a lot. I feel torn about the whole issue. I'll need more time to observe her actions," Gu Nianjia spoke as if she were an adult.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian's facial expression had turned gloomy under her mask. If not for Gu Nianjia's claim that she did not like Xi Xia, Lin Yiqian would have grabbed her by the ear.

    Could Gu Nianjia have said too much? Realizing that she seemed to have revealed too much about their family's affairs, Gu Nianjia hurriedly glanced at Lin Yiqian.

    "But don't worry. I can guarantee you that my youngest uncle is a good man. Most men would have met several sluts in their lives anyway. Besides, he would be able to look after his future wife much better with these experiences," Gu Nianjia added.

    She had nearly forgotten that her objective was to make her goddess her sister-in-law. How could she have told her goddess about her uncle's past?

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    'You are a slut!' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Just as she thought, Gu Nianjia's affection was reserved for people other than herself.

    "Your brother seems to have gone far away. Don't you need to go with him?" Lin Yiqian reminded her after staring at Gu Nianjia speechlessly for a while.

    "Oh god, I have forgotten. I have to leave now," Gu Nianjia said as she waved at Lin Yiqian before disappearing around the corner.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled as she shook her head. Then, she touched her mask gently with the tip of her finger.

    'He might have been charmed by my sister-in-law...'

    Lin Yiqian was glad to hear that Gu Nianshen might have been charmed by her beauty. If that was the case, it meant that he did not hate everything about her.

    More importantly, Lin Yiqian now knew that Gu Nianshen had never brought Xi Xia to their house to sleep together.

    Regardless of whether it was due to Xi Xia's medical condition, Lin Yiqian was glad that Xi Xia had never slept in their bed before.

    For this, Lin Yiqian wanted to reward Nianjia.

    As she pondered, she retrieved her phone from her purse before sending Bai Se a text. "Send them out and make sure Song Feifei, Xu Guojin, and the rest of them are all over the internet."


    Later in the evening, news about Song Feifei bribing judges to make sure she got into the finals of Super Voice was spread all over the internet.

    Everyone in the Song family was upset when they found out about it.
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