223 Do You Know What the Consequences Are For Framing Him?

    "Regardless of what happens, you must get rid of it all from the internet right now."

    "I'm going to give Chief Chen a call right now."

    Despite Song Changwen's calls one after another, nobody was willing to do her bidding.

    In just a few hours, she had already gotten ulcers in her mouth from speaking.

    As the news gained traction on the internet, gossip about Song Feifei's personal life began to spread. There were people who claimed that she bullied her schoolmates and was a promiscuous person with many different lovers.

    At first, Song Feifei was only slightly concerned. However, when she saw how the private details of her life were being leaked all over the internet, she had nearly lost her sense of reasoning as she flung her phone across the room. "I think Brother Nianshen is the one who has done this," she cried out.

    She could not think of anyone else who would do such a thing.

    "Feifei, do you know what the consequences are for framing Nianshen?" Song Changwen asked as her face darkened.

    "He said that he would get to the bottom of things," Song Feifei replied, loudly, as her tears streamed down her face.

    However, Song Changwen did not soften her gaze. "Instead of crying, why don't you tell me how exactly have you offended him?"

    Although Song Changwen cared about her family a lot, she still dealt with issues with a firm and unwavering attitude.

    Seeing how cold Song Changwen appeared to be, Song Feifei began to feel fear. "It's..."

    With her head lowered, Song Feifei stammered as she struggled to tell the truth.

    She then turned to her mother, Jin Suisui, for help.

    As her biological mother, Jin Suisui had no choice but to take the blame for Song Feifei.

    "I couldn't stand how Jiajia was helping an outsider to bully Feifei. She had actually given the flowers that I had prepared to Catwoman and bashed Feifei alongside that woman. All I did was give her a lecture after the incident," Jin Suisui said.

    "Sister, I scolded her. That really is all." Jin Suisui added as she was worried that Song Changwen might not believe her.

    However, Song Changwen had worked in the marketplace for many years. It was impossible for her not to realize what kind of personality each of her family members possessed, especially in the case of her sister-in-law who had always caused trouble in the family.

    According to what Jin Suisui said, they must have done more than just yell at Gu Nianjia.

    As things had gotten out of control, Song Changwen had to remain calm to resolve the issue.

    She seemed so upset that even Grandmother Song dared not speak a word.

    As Song Feifei bit her lip, she gave Jin Suisui a nudge.

    "Sister, Feifei joined the competition to show you how capable she is. She wanted to train herself so that she could help you out after she graduated," Jin Suisui continued.

    Despite her harsh attitude, Song Changwen still had a soft spot for her niece.

    After sighing, Song Changwen stared at Song Feifei for a while. "Why don't you come with me to meet Nianshen?" She asked.

    "Aunt..." Song Feifei was fearful of seeing Gu Nianshen.

    "If you won't apologize, I will not be involved any further," Song Changwen stated, coldly.

    Then, she began walking out of the house.

    Song Feifei then turned to look at Grandmother Song with a pout on her face.

    Meanwhile, Grandmother Song raised her brows. "Hurry up and go with your aunt."

    Realizing that there was no escape, Song Feifei quietly followed after Song Changwen.


    Gu Nianshen wore gray silk pajamas to sleep. As he rolled around on the bed, his hair became messy. From his droopy eyes, one could tell that he was feeling troubled.
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