224 They Are Here to Apologize

    Clearly, he was moody about getting out of bed.

    When he saw Song Feifei and her mother, he seemed even more unimpressed.

    "What is it?" He asked Song Changwen directly without even greeting the other two in the room.

    Gu Nianshen frowned as if he could not wait for them to leave.

    Song Changwen looked at Gu Nianshen with an inspectful gaze. "Something has happened to Feifei. Did you read the news?"

    In all honesty, she still felt doubtful about whether Gu Nianshen had done those things to Song Feifei.

    Even if he had not, she knew that he would be able to solve Feifei's problem.

    "What does that have to do with me?" Gu Nianshen snapped with a frown.

    Then, he turned around and began to head upstairs to continue with his sleep.

    Feeling panicked, Song Feifei ran to him and grabbed his arm. "I'm your cousin. You can scold me and hit me. But what you're doing is very awful!"

    As Gu Nianshen had exerted too much force when he pushed Song Feifei away, she stumbled backward and fell onto the couch.

    Without even looking at her, Gu Nianshen turned to face Song Changwen. "Are you here to blame me for something I've not done?" He asked, coldly.

    By now, even Song Changwen felt a little fearful. She no longer cared about who had leaked Song Feifei's news all over the internet. All she cared about was to make it stop.

    However, Gu Nianshen was the only person who could make it happen in the shortest amount of time possible. "Could you do it for your mother, please?" Song Changwen pleaded.

    Realizing the seriousness of the whole matter, Jin Suisui hurriedly helped Song Feifei up. "Apologize to Brother Nianshen right away."

    Song Feifei had no choice but to admit her fault.

    "Brother Nianshen, I know I was wrong." Song Feifei said with tears in her eyes.

    "I should not have bullied Nianjia. Could you please make the stuff on the internet disappear?" She said through gritted teeth.

    In her mind, she told herself that she would make Gu Nianjia pay for whatever that had happened today.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian was observing from the second floor in a hidden corner. Suddenly, she could hear Gu Nianjia calling her name from behind.

    "Lin Yiqian!"

    Although she was whispering, she still sounded dominant.

    When Lin Yiqian turned her head around, Gu Nianjia was already standing right next to her. "What are you looking at so sneakily?" Gu Nianjia asked curiously as she looked down the staircase.

    Noticing Song Feifei and her mother were there, she immediately seemed fearful. "Are they here with my mother to reprimand me?"

    It must have been because of what she did to humiliate Feifei in public.

    Her mother would certainly punish her.

    Seeing how scared Gu Nianjia seemed, Lin Yiqian felt pity toward her.

    It seemed that Song Changwen had never shown Gu Nianjia affection. When they were little, Gu Nianshen was brought over to the Song's so that his grandmother could look after him. However, Gu Nianjia had grown up in the Gu household. Ever since Gu Nianjia's father had passed away, Song Changwen had always lived with the Song family. Therefore, Gu Nianjia had never experienced a mother's love.

    This also explained why Gu Nianjia was intimidated by Song Changwen.

    As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she patted Gu Nianjia's head affectionately. "Don't be afraid. Song Feifei is here to apologize to you."

    "She's here to apologize to me?" Gu Nianjia's eyes widened in disbelief.

    "Yeah, based on what I heard." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    "What did they do to you?" She then asked curiously.

    "Earlier today, the two of them bullied me and even hit me," Gu Nianjia said with a straightened back.
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