226 Its A Birthday Gift From Mother

    It appeared that Gu Nianshen still adored his little sister very much.

    If Song Feifei's mother could persuade Gu Nianjia to help her plead with Gu Nianshen, she was certain that he would give in to their request.

    Of course, Gu Nianjia was not dumb. She knew that Song Feifei's mother was trying to shift all the blame away from Song Feifei to herself.

    She would not let them have their way. "It was Sister Feifei who grabbed me by the collar and shoved me to the ground. It wasn't you, Aunt." Gu Nianjia sounded as if she was protective toward Song Feifei's mother.

    "Did you really hurt her?" Song Changwen shifted her gaze to Song Feifei and her mother with an upset expression on her face.

    Although she had expected them to say terrible things to Gu Nianjia, she did not think they would actually hurt her.

    The angry look on her face caused Song Feifei and her mother to recoil in fear.

    Seeing the way Gu Nianjia complained to Song Changwen about them, Song Feifei became very annoyed.

    "I did not push her to the ground. She's lying. She only knocked against the table," Song Feifei exclaimed, loudly.

    But... How was that different from being pushed to the ground?

    Hearing this, Song Changwen seemed to have become even more upset.

    "Jin Suisui, you're already over forty years old. How could you still bully a child?" Song Changwen pointed at Jin Suisui as she shouted.

    "Sister, I know I'm wrong." Jin Suisui had no choice but to admit her fault.

    After apologizing with a sad voice, Jin Suisui turned to face Gu Nianjia with a pleading look. "Jiajia, as long as you are willing to forgive me and your Sister Feifei, I'll do anything for you."

    As Jin Suisui approached Gu Nianjia, she began to bend her knees as if she would kneel in front of Gu Nianjia.

    It was a very convincing act.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianjia hurriedly took a step back and grabbed both of Jin Suisui's hands so that she could not kneel down.

    However, Gu Nianjia was unsure of what to do next as she looked to Gu Nianshen for help.

    This was the first time Gu Nianshen felt impatient with his sister for being a coward. "Song Feifei's mother has spoken. You can do anything you want. Why are you looking at me?" Gu Nianshen asked with a frown.

    His intentions had been made clear.

    He wanted Gu Nianjia to speak her mind without being afraid.

    Finally, Gu Nianjia mustered her courage. "Can I really do anything I want?"

    Song Feifei and her mother wanted nothing more than to remove the gossip about Song Feifei on the internet.

    "Yes, really," Jin Suisui replied without the slightest bit of hesitation.

    "Alright then." Gu Nianjia let go of Jin Suisui's arm and approached Song Feifei confidently. "Sister Feifei, I want you to return the music box my mother had given me."

    "I threw it away a long time ago," Song Feifei said, nonchalantly.

    "Song Feifei, that's a birthday gift from my mother!" Gu Nianjia fumed as she reached for Song Feifei's hair.

    The music box was a birthday gift from Gu Nianjia's mother when she was eight.

    It was the only gift she had ever gotten from her mother after so many years. At the time, Gu Nianjia had treated it like her most prized possession and had even brought it to school to show it off to her classmates.

    However, Song Feifei had taken it away from her.

    For the past few years, Gu Nianjia had always looked for opportunities to get it back.

    The more Gu Nianjia thought about it, the more upset she felt. As she clenched her fists harder, she started hitting Song Feifei.

    Meanwhile, with her hair being tugged, Song Feifei could not retaliate at all.

    "Gu Nianjia, are you mad?" Song Feifei screamed, angrily.

    When Song Changwen and Jin Suisui approached the two ladies, Gu Nianshen immediately stood in their way.
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