229 Hes Too Thin, Im Not Interested!

    Before Gu Nianshen finished his sentence, he had already begun to regret it.

    That was not his intention.

    Naturally, Lin Yiqian was very much aware of her own physique. It was impossible that she could become fat after years of discipline in her diet.

    However, Gu Nianshen felt that her drinking milk in front of him was an eyesore because he was not used to it.

    Lin Yiqian nearly believed that the man had fallen for her looks.

    "If you think that I am taking your food for granted, I will start paying you from tomorrow onward." Lin Yiqian responded with a gloomy expression before turning her head around and continuing to walk toward the staircase.

    Right then, the door to Gu Nianjia's room was suddenly opened as she peeked her head out. "Lin Yiqian, you have yet to sell those cosmetic products of yours. They won't be worth much now, which is why you can pay with your body. My brother would definitely not refuse that good-looking body of yours."

    After much thought, Gu Nianjia believed that it would be best if Lin Yiqian conceived a child with her brother. In that case, her youngest uncle would no longer have feelings for Lin Yiqian and would finally be able to get together with her goddess.

    Gu Nianjia was amazed by her own plan.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen nearly nodded in agreement to what Gu Nianjia said. However, as soon as he realized what he was doing, he immediately stopped himself.

    In spite of that, his heart was pounding faster than when he saw her slender figure from behind.

    Why was Gu Nianjia being so annoying? Lin Yiqian had only asked her to address her as Gu Nianjia's sister-in-law.

    Originally, Lin Yiqian was feeling rather speechless. However, she then noticed how Gu Nianshen remained silent and seemed to be bothered by a thought in his head.

    All of a sudden, an idea came into Lin Yiqian's mind.

    Sometimes, she was thankful for having Gu Nianjia as her annoying little sister-in-law.

    It was time for her payback.

    With her gaze lowered, Lin Yiqian was now looking at Gu Nianshen's body in disdain. "He's too thin, I'm not interested."

    Then, Lin Yiqian even shook her head before walking calmly toward the staircase.

    Gu Nianshen was stunned.

    What did that dummy just say?

    Was she questioning his physical ability to please her?

    Gu Nianshen continued to stare at Lin Yiqian until she disappeared around the corner. As he retrieved his gaze, he unintentionally spotted Gu Nianjia's head, which was still poking out from her room.

    "Brother, this is truly embarrassing." She chuckled.

    Based on how well she knew Gu Nianshen, Gu Nianjia was certain that he would be mad at her.

    "Brother, I think you need to up your game. Our youngest uncle goes to the gym nearly every day," she added before Gu Nianshen could say a word.

    As soon as she finished her sentence, she withdrew her head into her room and closed the door before locking it from the inside.

    She then leaned her back against the door as she patted herself on the chest.

    'Wow hahaha, that was so intense!'


    Since Gu Nianjia had slipped away too quickly, Gu Nianshen had no one to vent his anger on.

    After turning around and returning to his room, Gu Nianshen lay on his bed with the duvet over his head. However, he continued to twist and turn and was unable to fall asleep.

    'He's too thin, I'm not interested.' He kept recalling Lin Yiqian's words.

    Was she being serious? Just a few nights ago, she had nearly left scratch marks on his back. Drunk as he was, he could still remember how her body had responded to his.

    On the other hand, how could she forget it when she had not even drunk any alcohol?

    Could it be that she had experienced even better sex than that?

    'Our youngest uncle goes to the gym every day...' Gu Nianshen suddenly recalled what Gu Nianjia had said.

    As his face turned cold, a look of jealousy appeared in his eyes.

    Gu Nianshen flipped around and pushed himself up while resting his face against one arm. Meanwhile, he reached for the phone next to his bed before logging onto one of the international social media applications to locate Song Changlin.

    When he entered Song Changlin's homepage, he could see the same status on display.
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