231 Do You Want To Fight?

    "Are you looking for a fight?" Gu Nianshen retorted.

    Gu Nianshen decided that he would fight with anyone who questioned his physical abilities.

    "No, thanks. I'm too scared." Qin Feng immediately responded.

    "Well, it's been decided then. We will torture those bastards. Wuyue, make sure you get us a high-quality cheerleading team." Li Nanmu wrote.

    "I think you're much better at doing that than I am." Qi Wuyue replied.

    After briefly glance at the messages from the others, Gu Nianshen screen-locked his phone and tossed it aside.

    Then, he increased the speed on the treadmill and ran for nearly an hour. With sweat dripping all over his body, he returned to his office to take a shower before going home.

    As soon as he arrived home, he could hear loud noises coming from the television in the living room. There was a reality show being broadcasted as Gu Nianjia sat in front of the television in her pink cartoon pajamas, laughing at the content of the show.

    She looked like a dimwit.

    As soon as she saw Gu Nianshen, she controlled her laughter. "Brother, you're home."

    After greeting Gu Nianshen, her gaze returned to the television screen.

    Having changed into his indoor slippers, Gu Nianshen opened the shoe cabinet as he usually did.

    Apart from Gu Nianjia's childish shoes and four pairs of feminine-looking shoes, Gu Nianshen could not locate the familiar silver heels.

    'That silly woman has not returned home yet, at this hour!' He thought to himself as he felt somewhat disappointed.

    For Gu Nianshen, the scariest feeling in the world was getting used to having Lin Yiqian around.

    He was able to get used to any single thing about her within a day. However, as soon as he got used to it, it would become an addiction that was impossible to get rid of.

    For example, he had gotten used to seeing the girl who would walk behind him in neat school clothes and her pony-tail every morning. Each time, he would pretend to turn around unintentionally just to look at her.

    It was an indescribable sense of satisfaction and security.

    However, even after five years, he could not get rid of the habit of turning his head around on the shaded pathway. Each time, he would be greeted with disappointment and helplessness as the familiar figure failed to appear before him.

    All of a sudden, a beam of light flashed into the house and interrupted his thoughts.

    As he turned his head around, a black Mercedes-Benz stopped at the end of the stairs in front of the house. Just as the lights were turned off, a lady got out of the car from the driver's side.

    She had on a white top and plain jeans while her long black hair fell naturally to her waist.

    The way she looked was almost identical to the image Gu Nianshen had of her in his mind. He felt as if a weight had been lifted off his heart.

    A wide smile appeared on his face, making Lin Yiqian's heart pound. Every time she saw him smile, she would imagine how great it must have felt to sleep with such a handsome guy like Gu Nianshen.

    At times, when she thought of how a handsome man like him already had a girlfriend and would hold another girl's hand and even kiss her and eventually have a child with her, she would cry.

    Lin Yiqian felt that she was perhaps the most selfish person because she could not bring herself to wish the man she liked to be happy with another woman.

    Therefore, in the past, she would constantly hope for Gu Nianshen to break up with Xi Xia. She did her best to make herself better in many ways so that she would one day deserve him.

    As Lin Yiqian slowly approached Gu Nianshen, a familiar fresh scent swept past her and made her stop breathing.

    It was apparent that she was blushing.

    With her head lowered, Lin Yiqian hurriedly retrieved her house slippers from the cabinet and bent down to change her shoes.

    From the way her thin waist and slender back looked, Gu Nianshen suddenly felt an urge that had been suppressed within him for years. He could no longer hold himself back.
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