232 I Saw My Brother Kissing My Sister-in-Law

    Gu Nianshen reached for her lean arms and pulled her up gently before pushing her against the corner of the wall with his large physique.

    His sudden action took Lin Yiqian by surprise.

    Her eyes widened as his handsome face got closer and closer to hers. She could feel his warm breath gently caressing her face.

    Meanwhile, her heart pounded as he stared into her eyes.

    Like his breathing, his lips tasted fresh and cool as soon as they touched her lips.

    As their lips melted into one another's, Lin Yiqian gradually let her guard down and gave in.

    Gu Nianshen circled his hands around Lin Yiqian's waist and pulled her tightly into his arms as they continued to kiss.

    "I heard the sound of a car. Is Uncle here?" Gu Nianjia's voice could suddenly be heard.

    She had only realized a car had stopped in front of the house when the commercial came on.

    When she ran to the door, Gu Nianjia noticed the couple who were intertwined in each other's arms. Her jaws dropped as she looked at them speechlessly.

    Lin Yiqian immediately pushed Gu Nianshen away and wiped her mouth with the back of her hands before changing her shoes.

    Annoyed, Gu Nianshen turned his head around to glare at Gu Nianjia.

    For Gu Nianjia, it looked almost like a death threat. "Don't mind me. I'm almost transparent. In fact, I think I was blind for a second there." Gu Nianjia waved her hands in fear.

    As she spoke, she closed her eyes and pretended to be blind.

    She definitely had top-notch acting skills.

    Gu Nianjia felt slightly disturbed by what she saw. When Gu Nianshen was kissing her sister-in-law, his hands were all over her back.

    It felt very different from the time when Gu Nianjia had caught Song Feifei snogging her jerk of a boyfriend in the woods.

    As Gu Nianjia recalled the scene she had witnessed, her face became flushed.

    All of a sudden, she felt a longing to experience something similar. That must have explained why Lin Yiqian seemed so engrossed in the moment.

    "Why aren't you back in school yet?" Gu Nianshen asked coldly as he approached Gu Nianjia from the back.

    "I'm taking a flight back tonight. Our youngest uncle is sending me to the airport, which is why I am waiting for him here," Gu Nianjia said, self-consciously.

    When Gu Nianshen heard that Song Changlin was coming, he immediately became wary.

    As he turned his head around, Lin Yiqian was just about to enter the house and was confused by why Gu Nianshen was suddenly looking at her.

    "Our youngest uncle is here," Gu Nianjia suddenly exclaimed.

    Hearing this, Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian turned their heads toward the door.

    Song Changlin was dressed in a plain black working shirt and even had a tie on. His tired yet handsome face broke into a smile as soon as he noticed Gu Nianjia excitedly running toward him.

    "Have you gotten permission from my mother to leave the office?" Gu Nianjia asked as she handed Song Changlin a pair of slippers. After he had changed into the slippers, she slipped her hand around his arm and brought him into the house.

    "Yeah. When she heard that I was going to send you off, she immediately agreed." Song Changlin nodded.

    "Really?" Gu Nianjia sounded surprised.

    "Yes." Song Changlin nodded with a smile on his face.

    While the two conversed on their way into the living room, Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen were still standing rooted to where there were standing.

    When Gu Nianjia walked past Lin Yiqian, she stopped and looked at her. "My youngest uncle is here to send me to school."

    Gu Nianjia was making it clear that Song Changlin was not there to see Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian observed that Gu Nianjia was very protective of Song Changlin as if she was concerned that someone might take him away from her.

    However, it was a justifiable kind of behavior. After all, Song Changlin was the only person who treated her in such a loving manner. Although Gu Nianshen cared about his sister a lot, he did not treat her in the same endearing way like Song Changlin did.
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