233 Catwoman Is A Gift To My Youngest Uncle

    To be more accurate, it was a kind of adoration that Gu Nianjia felt from Song Changlin. Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen's affection for her was more of a brotherly kind.

    For girls, the simple act of caring and adoration was very important. In Gu Nianjia's case, especially, it was important for someone to earn her trust by fulfilling her basic needs, which was something Changlin had always done. Growing up, Changlin seemed to have never rejected her requests.

    However, Song Changlin did not treat Song Feifei and her brother with equal affection. When they were together, outsiders could not feel a tinge of closeness between them.

    However, the siblings were not exactly the most likable people on earth. While one was boastful, the other was cunning and two-faced.

    Sometimes, Lin Yiqian could barely stand how the siblings spoke to Changlin, let alone the man himself.

    As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she nodded with a smile. "Yeah. I know. I wasn't even aware that he was coming."

    After replying to Gu Nianjia, she nodded at Song Changlin.

    'I wasn't even aware that he was coming...' Gu Nianshen repeated the words in his mind as a sense of joy suddenly overcame him.

    Everyone began to walk simultaneously to the couch.

    All of a sudden, Gu Nianjia looked at Song Changlin excitedly. "Oh, right, Uncle, I have an amazing recommendation for someone you could date."

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian immediately became wary.

    'Could this fellow be...'

    "How awesome is she?" Song Changlin raised his brows curiously.

    "I'm sure you know who my goddess is, don't you? Catwoman?"

    As soon as 'Catwoman' was mentioned, Gu Nianjia's eyes lit up. "Yesterday, I bumped into my goddess. She has even touched my head and said that I was a good girl. She was so gentle."

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    She knew this was going to happen.

    While Song Changlin remained silent, Gu Nianjia continued to speak.

    "I have mentioned you to her. She was very interested."

    'What?' Lin Yiqian frowned to herself. When had she mentioned that she was interested in Gu Nianjia's uncle?

    Clearly, Gu Nianjia had made it all up in her mind.

    Seeing the way Gu Nianjia was praising her idol, Gu Nianshen could no longer take it and decided to head upstairs.

    Suddenly, his phone began to ring in his pocket. As soon as he saw who the call was from, he picked it up and brought it to his ear.

    "Boss, I have found that all the profiles that spread Song Feifei's negative media are from a female hacker named Sophie. She is an American who works for Cat Face."

    "Cat Face is Catwoman's personal company."

    "I should have known." Gu Nianshen smiled.

    Ever since the incident between Song Feifei and Catwoman on stage, Song Feifei's news was all over the internet. Gu Nianshen should have guessed that it was her.

    For Catwoman to be able to become so successful without the support of a talent management agency, and being able to always remove negative media about herself within twenty-four hours, she must have a very strong team that rallied behind her.

    However, regardless of how powerful she was, she would have to pay for making Gu Nianshen a scapegoat for the posts she had published.

    "Contact her company," Gu Nianshen ordered before hanging up.

    "My goddess is very kind and affectionate. I have decided that I won't wash my hair for a month." Gu Nianjia was still praising her idol.

    "Is that so?" Gu Nianshen chuckled.

    His sudden cold response made Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianjia both slightly nervous.

    "Brother, what's wrong with you?" Gu Nianjia asked, worriedly.

    Gu Nianshen ignored her and turned to look at Song Changlin. "If you are interested, I can make your goddess appear in front of your youngest uncle as his gift."
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