234 Finding Our Aunt-in-Law Is A Shared Responsibility


    Lin Yiqian was glad that she was not drinking any water. Otherwise, she would have made Song Changlin and Gu Nianjia's faces wet.

    As she was able to cover her mouth in time, Lin Yiqian very quickly recovered.

    Gu Nianshen and Song Changlin were both confused by her reaction.

    This was more so the case for Gu Nianjia.

    "Lin Yiqian, what are you laughing at? Are you belittling my goddess?" Gu Nianjia asked, annoyed.

    "Why would I?" Lin Yiqian shook her head in denial. "Your goddess is my goddess too. I like whatever you like. I believe that Catwoman must be a kind and beautiful person on the inside too."

    Finally pleased with Lin Yiqian's answer, Gu Nianjia smiled. "Aren't you desperate to stay alive..."

    Lin Yiqian and the two men were all speechless.

    If Gu Nianjia had lived in an older era, she would have been kicked out of the house long ago.

    After looking at Gu Nianjia speechlessly for a moment, Lin Yiqian decided not to respond to her.

    "Take your time to chat. I'm heading upstairs." Lin Yiqian waved her hand at everyone in the room.

    Then, she began walking up the staircase.

    Right then, all Gu Nianjia could think about was making Catwoman her aunt-in-law. "Brother, are you really going to help me with getting our uncle together with my goddess?"

    "Finding our aunt-in-law is a shared responsibility," Gu Nianshen answered with a forced smile before glancing at Song Changlin.

    As usual, Song Changlin appeared to be smiling calmly as if he did not have any bad temperament at all.

    Coupled with the fact that Gu Nianshen had met with Catwoman several times, and based on his personal status, there was a high success rate with his help.

    "You are my biological brother, after all," Gu Nianjia exclaimed, excitedly, as she patted her brother on the shoulders.

    Not realizing that Gu Nianshen's face had turned gloomy, she turned to face Song Changlin.

    However, she then noticed how he was smiling and an image of Gu Nianshen kissing Lin Yiqian suddenly appeared in her mind. Her heart began to race.

    "What's the matter?" Song Changlin raised his brows when he noticed that Gu Nianjia was staring at him but not saying a single word.

    Feeling guilty, Gu Nianjia immediately shifted her gaze away and shook her head. "Nothing. I'm going to get my bags."

    As she turned around, she ran up the stairs while slapping herself on the face. How could she think of kissing her uncle? It was far too embarrassing to even speak of.


    Without having dinner, as usual, Lin Yiqian changed into more comfortable clothing as soon as she returned to her room.

    Feeling relaxed, she leaned against the basin stand while she checked her reflection in the mirror. As she had just washed her face, there were still drops of water on her lips.

    When she wiped the water off her lips, an image of Gu Nianshen standing closely in front of her appeared in her mind. His lips were gradually getting closer to hers.

    As her face began to feel hot, the corners of her mouth began to subconsciously lift.

    Perhaps, he was still interested in her looks.

    Lin Yiqian continued to lean against the basin stand while she smiled until her feet began to feel numb. Only then, she began to limp out of the bathroom with an arm against the wall for support.

    As she got close to the bed, she fell onto it with her feet in the air before letting them down one at a time.

    Now, she was dealing with the workload of several roles and barely had time to work out. The only way she could keep fit was to stay on a diet and commit to simple workouts.

    As she closed her eyes to make her headache go away, she began to empty her mind.

    However, the ringing of her phone interrupted her moment of peace almost immediately.

    She was able to reach for the phone easily as it was right next to her hand.

    It was a call from Bai Se. "What's the matter?" She asked in a lowered voice.

    "Xiaoyu is having a fever. I've brought him to the hospital. However, he is asking for you."
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