235 His Cousin Isnt The Main Poin

    Bai Se was speaking in a helpless manner.

    "Which hospital are you at? I'll come over right away." Lin Yiqian blinked as her eyes widened before jumping out of bed instantaneously.

    She did not change out of her workout attire.

    With her phone and purse in hand, she began to descend the stairs.

    "Little Yi, where are you going this late?" Aunt Zhou asked in a concerned tone when she noticed that Lin Yiqian seemed to be in a hurry.

    "I have something to attend to."

    Within seconds, Lin Yiqian was already by the door and changing into her shoes while she reached for the key to her car.

    She was making her exit as quickly as possible.

    Despite spending very little time with Xiaoyu all these years, she would always be by his side whenever he fell sick.

    She made it a point to always be there regardless of how far away or how important the event she needed to be at was.

    It was because she was unwilling to let herself feel regret if anything were to happen to him.


    There was a strong scent of disinfectant which Xiaoyu disliked the most. As Lin Xiaoyu lay on the bed, he seemed pale.

    Xiaoyu was on drips that could be seen from the tube connected to his arm.

    "Xiaoyu." Lin Yiqian hurriedly approached him.

    As she bent down next to his bed, she placed a hand on Xiaoyu's forehead.

    Sensing that the fever had subsided due to the lowered temperature, Lin Yiqian felt slightly reassured.

    "Mommy, I did not cry when they gave me injections."

    Xiaoyu immediately raised his arm proudly that was connected to a tube of liquid.

    All he wanted from Lin Yiqian was a sentence of praise.

    Tears began to fill Lin Yiqian's eyes as she moved her hand along Xiaoyu's chubby face. "Yeah, Xiaoyu is such a good boy." She gently rubbed his face with her thumb.

    Perhaps it was because of the fever, Xiaoyu did not seem to have much energy left within him. He looked as if he could fall asleep at any moment.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent as she gently patted him on the chest so that he would fall asleep.

    "Is Daddy not here?" Xiaoyu suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the door. The door was closed.

    He immediately seemed disappointed.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian felt extremely guilty as she turned around to retrieve her phone from her purse. Then, her finger lingered upon Gu Nianshen's number for a long while.

    Finally, she mustered the courage to press on it as her heartbeat quickened.

    As soon as she placed the phone next to her ear, she turned her head around and noticed that Xiaoyu had already fallen asleep.

    Her immediate reaction was to hang up. After doing so, she pulled the duvet higher up along Xiaoyu's body before standing up and walking quietly to the couch.

    Bai Se was dressed in red hip-hop clothing from head to toe with a cap over his head. Meanwhile, his long fingers were typing furiously on the laptop on his lap.

    Lin Yiqian glanced at the screen of his laptop. Bai Se was taking added security measures for his account.

    All the while, Lin Yiqian looked at him without saying a word.

    "Your husband may have already figured out that the gossip about Song Feifei is related to our workshop." Bai Se suddenly said while he continued to stare at his laptop.

    Lin Yiqian was not surprised at all as she had overheard Gu Nianshen's conversation on the phone several nights ago.

    As long as he willed for it to happen, the most advanced technologies would be at his perusal and would give him the results he wanted without even requiring him to do anything on his own.

    "Does he care a lot about his cousin?" Bai Se asked after a while when he noticed Lin Yiqian was not speaking at all.

    "His cousin isn't the main point. It's because we have made him the scapegoat." Lin Yiqian chuckled to herself.

    Gu Nianshen's biological mother had brought his aunt and cousin to his home and even accused him of spreading the news on the internet, on top of disturbing his sleep.

    Based on his temperament, there was no way he would let things slide for what had happened to him.

    After hearing Lin Yiqian's response, Bai Se felt speechless.
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